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Helping Love Bloom

Learn how Cupid is powering the Global Smart Logistics Network.

We might be in a digital age, but, when it comes to the year’s sweetest holiday, an emoji-filled text just won’t do. That’s why UPS geared up its global logistics of love network this year to deliver an estimated 89 million flowers for Valentine’s Day. UPS will deliver 1 million more flowers than in 2018, meaning […]

Complexity Made Simple

What can we learn from insect coordination?

How do termites build towering cathedrals out of mud without referring to a set of blueprints? How do ants, without a leader telling them what to do, know how to assemble themselves by the thousands into living rafts to move across a fast-flowing stream? After all, the brains of ants are smaller than the “quarter […]

How Future Factories Will Change Manufacturing — and Supply Chains

The Fourth Industrial Revolution provides us a massive opportunity, a chance to redesign supply chains so they never sleep.

We’re witnessing a transformation of manufacturing supply chains that’s ushering in the fourth modality of logistics. To ground, air and ocean, we can now add digital. The move to the digital supply chain  — the power source for Industry 4.0  — creates multiple opportunities for every company in every industry. But every revolution needs exemplars […]

There Are Now 5 Generations in the Workforce – Can They Work Together?

How to get your boomers and gen-Zers (and everyone in between) on the same page, despite their different styles.

With people living longer and retiring later – just as younger generations are taking their first jobs – for the first time ever, five generations coexist in the workplace. For businesses, this presents an unprecedented opportunity to drive innovation by taking advantage of the extensive amount of wisdom, knowledge and fresh perspective in their ranks. But it also presents a major challenge: blending […]

How to End Global Complacency About Epidemics

Business as usual is not enough to fight epidemics. We must light a fire under the private sector to do more.

Nipah virus, Lassa virus, Chikungunya virus, and MERS-CoV – these viruses are unfamiliar to most, yet they cause some of the most serious global infectious disease threats we face. New viruses like Bourbon virus and Heartland virus are just emerging in humans, and some, like Mengla virus patiently wait for an opportunity to move from […]