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Your Company Brand Needs to Reflect Your Culture

Work culture isn’t something you can turn on and off. It’s something you need to cultivate over time.

Successful companies are built on the foundation of great talent. Having a strong employer brand can be among a company’s strongest assets because if you want your company to meet its business goals, you have to attract top talent. Your corporate brand will reflect your market, customers and financial success, but your employer brand will depend on […]

The 5 Types of Mentors You Need in Your Life

Here’s how to assemble your personal dream team.

Everyone can use a mentor. Scratch that – as it turns out, we could all use five mentors. “The best mentors can help us define and express our inner calling,” says Anthony Tjan, CEO of Boston venture capital firm Cue Ball Group and author of Good People. “But rarely can one person give you everything you need to grow.” In this […]

Why the World Needs More Women CEOs

Companies too often have the attitude that one woman on a board or in a position of seniority is enough. It's time to end that fallacy.

Women CEOs of large firms are a rare breed. In the U.S. in 2015, there were more CEOs called John running big companies than women. In 2016, there were only six female CEOs in the firms covered by the FTSE 100 index and 12 in the FTSE 250 index. In the FTSE 100, there were […]

Stay Away from These Two Phrases When You Speak to a Customer

You might not realize how condescending you sound.

There’s a straightforward rule of customer service – never make your customer feel like an idiot. This might seem obvious, but if you’re not careful, it’s pretty easy to send this message unintentionally. Sometimes, all it takes is a single word. Over the years, I’ve observed and critiqued hundreds of customer service interactions. Many of them […]

Finding Hope in Brownies

At Greyston Bakery, they believe a job can change everything. That’s why, if you want a job, they give you a job – no questions asked.

When Dion Drew walked into Greyston Bakery in Yonkers, New York, nine years ago looking for a job, he had no resume and no references. He didn’t even have a suit and tie. What he did have was a desire to work and turn his life around, to get out of the life he’d known […]

Five Years of Building a More Resilient Private Sector in Turkey

Preparing for when – not if – the next disaster strikes.

On Oct. 23, 2011, the Van earthquakes rocked eastern Turkey, leaving more than 11,000 buildings with sustained damages and at least 60,000 residents homeless. This devastating event spurred a disaster preparedness initiative entitled Business Disaster Resiliency Program for Turkey (or Sağlam KOBI in Turkish), developed by the World Economic Forum, Corporate Social Responsibility Association of […]

5 Things I’m Telling My Kids to Prepare Them for the Future

As young people start to enter the workforce, things are going to be very different than they are now. Here’s how to prepare them.

I have four kids, ages 5 to 14, and I and know they’re very unlikely to follow the same educational path I did. I’m certain they’ll be preparing themselves for a very different job market. As my youngest is in kindergarten and my oldest just started high school, here are my thoughts for them. Technology’s […]

5 Things the Military Can Teach Your Company About Agility

Without improvisation, an organization is only as quick as its slowest central team.

The military is good in a crisis – or so accepted wisdom goes – so if your business is facing a critical period, who better to learn from than those who’ve been on the real front lines? It sounds attractive, but can companies actually apply military lessons on agility? To help answer this question, I interviewed […]

The Ebola Crisis Is Another Call to Action

We in the private sector need to do better, do more and act more quickly to prevent another deadly catastrophe.

The Ebola outbreak that emerged recently in the Democratic Republic of the Congo came just one week after a previous Ebola outbreak ended. Although new cases seem to be plateauing, thanks to an early distribution of vaccines and experimental treatments, experts warn that this is no time to cease fighting this deadly, highly contagious disease. […]

Delivering on the Promise of Digital Transformation

How smart, targeted investments in the digital space are forever altering the physical world of tomorrow.

Mobile phones and tablets. Social media and cloud computing. Big data and blockchain. Augmented and virtual reality. The internet and the Internet of Things. These technologies aren’t brand new. But as they have developed and proliferated, their potential to help businesses become more innovative, agile and customer-centered is clear. Companies around the globe are scrambling […]

Why Are There So Few Entrepreneurs?

Here are five reasons would-be entrepreneurs never get started.

Despite founding one of the fastest growing bootstrapped technology companies, I didn’t always think of myself as an entrepreneur. It was a set of coincidences that led me to take the leap – and eventually succeed. By telling my story I want to not only empower ‘wantrepreneurs’ but also underline how many thousands of potential entrepreneurs get […]

What Really Defines Wisdom in the Workplace

Smart companies recognize the value of older workers by establishing formal avenues for cross-generational knowledge sharing.

In 2010, my colleagues and I at the Drucker Institute had the great fortune of receiving an afternoon of consulting from A.G. Lafley, who had just retired as the CEO of consumer products giant, Procter & Gamble. What I remember most about that day was the way that Lafley listened for less than half an […]

The Business Case for Being Nice

Simple Roast: A coffee success story.

In 2013, Matt Peirson was gifted with a very small home coffee roaster by his parents and started roasting coffee as a hobby at home. Eventually, he decided to sell it by the bag at a local farmers market and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, he is the owner, roaster, barista and […]

Most Of Us Are Wrong About How the World Has Changed

An accurate understanding of how global health and poverty are improving leaves no space for cynicism.

At Our World in Data, we aim to bring together the empirical data and research to show how living conditions around the world are changing. Is that necessary? The opinion research organization Ipsos MORI conducted a detailed survey of 26,489 people across 28 countries that gives us an answer. Most people think global poverty is rising when […]

4 Tennis Lessons for Business

The best players – and the best employees – are never fully satisfied. They keep working to raise their game.

Tennis taught me so many lessons in life. One of the things it taught me is that every ball that comes to me, I have to make a decision. I have to accept responsibility for the consequences every time I hit a ball. – Billie Jean King I was inspired yet again when the best tennis players in […]

7 Key Challenges for the Future of ASEAN – and How to Solve Them

Home to a growing market of more than 600 million consumers, with 125,000 new internet users every day, ASEAN is brimming with opportunity.

The ASEAN region, made up of Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, boasted a combined GDP of roughly $2.77 trillion as of last year, with predictions for enviable GDP growth rates of around 5.3 percent per year through 2019. Here are seven challenges the bloc faces in promoting […]

4 Cities Using Transportation Data to Be Sustainable and Inclusive

Numbers don't lie – cities can tap into data to make transportation networks more responsive to residents' needs.

Cities across the world have pledged to take action on climate change, including planning for more sustainable forms of transportation. But many cities, as we’ve previously noted, lack the data and information necessary to track and monitor their progress. This data provides valuable examples of transportation patterns and needs, allowing cities to plan mitigation actions […]

Empowering Change

We've made great strides in providing opportunities in the workplace for those with disabilities – but much work remains.

Man, I’m old. I can’t believe it’s been 28 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act became law in the U.S. Sure, 28 years is a blip on a screen in the grand scheme of humankind, but when I think of all that’s changed, personally and for disability rights, it seems like eons. On July 26th, 1990, […]

When Is Teamwork Really Necessary?

Before embarking on any team-building activities or even setting up team meetings, leaders must ask themselves this one question.

Most leaders assume they need to foster teamwork among the people who directly and indirectly report to them. Teaming is now seen as the workplace equivalent of motherhood and apple pie – invariably good. The problem is when leaders try to drive the wrong kind of collaboration on their particular teams. The result: wasted time and […]

How Successful People Planning Is Like Planting Bamboo

What’s true of happiness is also true of work satisfaction. We have to go through the hard stuff to get to the good stuff.

Succession isn’t just about plugging holes in the org chart, and it’s not merely planning for attrition or having the right people in the right seats. It’s also about preparing the right people for the right seats. It’s also about the sustainability of organizational knowledge, experience, competence and culture. Experts say there will be a […]

5 Unspoken Rules of Being a Manager that No One Tells You About

You’ll be on the receiving end of more information than you want. Use that privilege wisely.

After many hours of hard work, your employer made you a manager. For the first time in your life, you have several employees reporting to you. You’re excited to make your mark and take your career to the next level. And you should be – your company has recognized that you have leadership potential, and they’re […]

Unlearn, Learn and Reinvent Yourself

It's time to break the legacy cycle and get smarter about how candidates are recruited, onboarded and nurtured.

One of the most vital aspects of any company looking to win the war for talent is finding candidates who have the ability and drive to reinvent themselves. Candidates who excel at unlearning and learning are always seeking out new learning challenges that fuel self-reinvention. They are willing to let go of old concepts and […]

The Biggest Obstacles to Innovation in Large Companies

Is your company hitting a roadblock on the path to innovation? Here's how to overcome five major obstacles that could be holding you back.

The word “innovation” is often treated as a magical incantation that, once spoken, renders companies more inventive, creative and entrepreneurial. But in today’s world there are many cultural, strategic, political and budget issues that must be confronted if leaders want to ensure that their organizations are hospitable to new ideas. In a survey fielded earlier […]

Reinventing for Customer Centricity

Businesses must evolve to solve customer challenges.

One competitive factor that is defining our popular products and services today is personalization. Across all elegantly designed consumer device, AI and cloud-based apps fill our screens with top picks across channels based on our preferences. Customer centricity is winning the day. Discriminant analysis of the largest ever IBM Global C-suite study reveals that one factor, more […]

The Business of Creating Meaningful Work

Motivated employees can accomplish a lot. How to get there: Make your business values something people are willing to work for.

There are a lot of challenges facing CEOs and leadership teams today. There’s the fact that a minority of millennials believe in capitalism; there’s the pressure to innovate to compete with low-cost disrupters; pressure to improve environmental and social practices; pressure to improve stagnant productivity; pressure from regulatory upheaval. And on and on. A multiplicity of threats […]

What Mister Rogers Teaches Us About Moral Leadership

Moral leadership begins when one person exhibits one or more virtues at an unconventional level. This gives rise to idealized influence.

The documentary about Mister (Fred) Rogers, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, surpassed the $20 million mark at the box office in recent days. Documentaries rarely make it to the big screen and do not tend to do well at the box office, so there have been many articles speculating why it is doing so well. I think […]

The Most Creative Teams Have a Specific Type of Cultural Diversity

Understanding the dynamics of cultural brokerage provides a critical advantage in realizing the creative potential of diverse teams.

Culturally diverse teams, research shows, can help deliver better outcomes in today’s organizations. This is largely a good thing: Diverse teams have the potential to be more creative because of the breadth of information, ideas and perspectives that members bring to the table. But these teams often suffer from conflicting norms and differing assumptions between […]

Looking at the Aging Workforce through a New Lens

When hiring managers mobilize older workers, it’s a win-win.

Many businesses are facing a critical shortage of experienced professionals, with industries such as accounting citing lack of skilled personnel as the No. 1 challenge for three quarters in a row. Much of the conversation is centered on the skills gap, high retirement rates for so-called boomers and the inability to find the skills employers […]

The Latin American Investment Opportunity

Now is the time to spark innovation and entrepreneurship across Latin America.

Discussing Latin America as a region always presents some tough challenges. For starters, Latin America is composed of several countries with different economic, political and cultural conditions. Moreover, information in most Latin American countries is not always easy to find and might even be tainted or incorrect. However, there is at least one characteristic that […]

40 Books to Enjoy this Summer: The TED Reading List

Looking for your next great read? We've got a few (dozen) suggestions for you.

Whether your weeks ahead contain travel, vacations or just longer and lazier days than usual, our list of recommendations from TED speakers has books for all moods, activities and tastes. When you want to understand why we humans do what we do 1. Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions by Dan Ariely (TED Talk: Our […]