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An Innovative Pitch for Diabetes Control

Wearables are changing the game in how patients monitor and manage their diabetes.

Retired Major League Baseball pitcher Jason Johnson was the first player allowed to use an insulin pump on the field during a game. It helped Johnson increase his time in range* (defined as the percentage of time people with diabetes spend between the glucose range of 70-180 mg/dL) so he could focus on the game […]

Facilitating Complex Clinical Trial Logistics for Rare Diseases

Today’s complex clinical supply chain demands personalized solutions.

Developing drugs to treat diseases creates opportunities to simultaneously address the urgent unmet medical needs of patients and access new markets. This challenging clinical trials landscape for drugs continues to achieve new efficiencies due, in part, to streamlined regulatory processes, decentralized models and next-generation technologies — all supported by a flexible and evolving supply chain. […]

Why AI Will Make Healthcare Personal

Achieving the dream of personalized healthcare for everyone won’t be without challenges.

For generations healthcare has been episodic — someone gets sick or breaks a bone, they see a doctor and then they might not see another one until the next time they get sick or injured. Now as emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence open up new possibilities for the healthcare industry in the Fourth Industrial […]

Safeguarding Healthcare Data Is a Matter of Trust

How can companies build greater trust in the marketplace to gain competitive advantage? This report offers some interesting insights.

Business was once done on a handshake, with your word being your bond, but in today’s digital-centric world, trust is becoming more scarce. This sobering trend became apparent in a new survey conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, which found that nearly two-thirds (63%) of senior executives at large enterprises throughout the world say […]

Flexible Supply Chain Solutions for Advanced Therapies

In an era of advanced therapies and global clinical trials, the need for agile supply chains is critical.

The composition of clinical trial pipelines is changing quickly as the rise of advanced therapies adds another layer to the multi-decade shift from small molecules to biologics. This change is fueling once unimaginable advances in the treatment of cancers, rare diseases and other conditions, but it is also placing strains on infrastructure and processes originally […]