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Printing Heads: 3D Printing Launches a New Era in Aircraft Design

New technology helps engineers speed up development and remove design constraints.

Just a decade ago, the idea of 3D printing metal parts directly from a computer file seemed like science fiction to many people. But the technology is quickly growing up. There are few better examples of its promise than the GE Catalyst, a new advanced turboprop engine GE Aviation started testing in December. More than one-third of […]

Aero Experts Agree: Emerging Markets Offer Enormous Potential (And Enormous Challenges)

How aerospace companies navigate obstacles as they pursue opportunities in emerging markets.

Sprawling global supply chains are fast becoming the norm in the aerospace industry, where aircraft manufacturers and the companies that provide their parts and services are under increasing pressure to enter new and emerging markets. Some regions – like Southeast Asia and the Middle East – offer astounding growth opportunities. Aerospace companies that ignore those […]

Aerospace MRO Providers Facing New Demands

Strong logistics partners can help navigate emerging markets, where there’s no margin for error.

Emerging market growth is reshaping commercial aircraft manufacturing with historic repercussions for the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) side of the business. Aerospace supply chains now sprawl across the globe, creating fresh opportunities for plane-makers and their suppliers. The resulting complexities can be daunting, especially for manufacturers that lack the logistics expertise to meet new […]

Can Aviation Help Us Meet The Development Goals?

The aviation industry must work together to achieve sustainable growth, sharing the burden as well as the benefits.

With the Millennium Development Goals having now given way to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the narrative for development shifting further towards a range of sustainability issues, it is worth taking stock on how the aviation industry is contributing to achieving them. SDG 8: ‘decent work and economic growth’ and SDG 9: ‘industry, innovation […]

3 ‘Aerotropolises’ Powering the Global Economy

As increasingly critical links in the global supply chain, these emerging logistics hubs will continue to influence the global economy for years to come.

Big-city airports aren’t just massive travel hubs today; they’re also evolving into critical nodes of the 24/7 global economy — creating jobs, connecting workers and suppliers, and building infrastructure. Their enlarged role is seeding communities in the way that maritime ports once defined landmark shipping destinations such as Hong Kong, Hamburg and Rotterdam. Welcome to […]

Skyrocketing Aerospace Growth and Complex Supply Chains

Meeting demand with better logistics.

Commercial airplane makers are ramping up production to meet historic demand from operators around the world, but the good times come with risk in this increasingly complex business that sees supply chains sprawling further and often into emerging markets. Now, more than ever, a mastery of aerospace logistics is key to success. Without it, the […]

On a Mission for Enthusiasm at the Paris Air Show

Q&A with aerospace analyst Richard Aboulafia

The Paris Air Show is the Cannes Festival of aviation — the annual event where top industry players go to see and be seen, whether it’s inking jumbo jet deals or unveiling the smartest technologies rocket science has to offer. Given ongoing uncertainty about the global economy, this year’s fete may not feature the blockbuster […]

Challenges, Opportunities in Shifting Aerospace MRO Landscape

The demand for aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul is on the rise. Are aerospace companies ready?

The aircraft Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) business is poised for stunning growth in the near term, but the aerospace companies that provide those services must navigate a rocky and often-unpredictable landscape in order to thrive. Rapid fleet growth and the rise of emerging markets, especially in Asia, where the aftermarket is fragmented and uncoordinated, […]

Five Ways Aerospace Companies Can Fly Through Customs

How to manage risk and trade with confidence.

Aerospace manufacturers and distributors who move shipments across international borders face an often-complicated, high-stakes process as they navigate export rules and local customs regulations. Fines for non-compliance can amount to millions of dollars. That makes understanding guidelines a vital business priority. For some companies, the hassles associated with customs can dissuade them from expanding into […]

Flying Toward Opportunity

Emerging markets offer big rewards – and risks – for aerospace companies.

The commercial aerospace industry is getting more global each year as demand for new aircraft grows in emerging markets around the world. This heightened demand presents phenomenal opportunities as well as formidable challenges for plane-makers and their suppliers. The potential sales are obviously lucrative, considering the record backlog of aircraft orders from commercial operators. But […]

Aerospace Logistics: The Key to Takeoff

Why supply chain management is key to commercial aerospace growth.

The commercial aerospace industry has enjoyed steady growth and impressive profits in recent years, thanks to a boom in emerging economies that will fuel global travel demand for decades to come. The key to seizing this opportunity in the long term, however, lies in effective supply chain management as aerospace companies increasingly source components from […]

The Future of Flying

What will commercial aircraft look like in 2050?

Republished from The Conversation The aircraft industry is expecting a seven-fold increase in air traffic by 2050, and a four-fold increase in greenhouse gas emissions unless fundamental changes are made. But just how “fundamental” will those changes need to be and what will be their effect on the aircraft we use? The crucial next step […]