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Biometrics: The Next Frontier of Marketing?

Could bio-based purchasing bring us closer to our better selves?
Bradley Kreit | Institute for the Future

Efforts to automate our personal lives are nothing new. We use alarm clocks to automate waking up on time; calendar alerts to remind us of meetings; streaming services like Pandora to automatically deliver music tailored just to our preferences. But personal automation isn’t just a matter of convenience. Increasingly, we’re learning that automating both big […]

How Employers Can Close the Skills Gap

What's the major driver of the skills gap? A failure to communicate.
Jason A. Tyszko | U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The “skills gap” has become a popular term to describe a labor market in which job applicants lack the skills that employers demand, leaving graduates without jobs and employers without qualified employees. A recurring theme when discussing this skills gap is that employers would be more successful with finding and onboarding talent if they were […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Smart Cities Now

It’s time for city planners, governments and business leaders to embrace technology that is changing our lives for the better.
Gary Shapiro | Consumer Technology Association

Imagine you’re heading to work on a cold winter day. You step outside your perfectly climate-controlled home, and your self-driving car pulls up to the curb as scheduled. You enter the car from the extra-wide, pedestrian-friendly sidewalk. The car warns you there is ice on your standard route, which has slowed traffic considerably. Using data […]

‘We Cannot Leave People Behind’

We can extend the benefits of tomorrow’s world to more people today.
Stanley Bergman | Henry Schein, Inc.

This article was excerpted from remarks delivered by Stanley Bergman, chairman and CEO of Henry Schein, Inc., at the New York Stock Exchange on July 18, where Mr. Bergman was honored as the 2017 CEO of the Year by Chief Executive magazine. As everyone here knows, no business leader succeeds on his or her own. […]

Building a Transparent, Digital Food Supply Chain

Consumers are demanding more information about their food products and hope to get it from mobile devices and UPC barcodes.
Andy Kennedy | FoodLogiQ

The good old UPC barcode has been around for nearly a half century, but savvy consumers are pushing hard for advancements in the way we track supply chains and deliver product information. The ubiquity of web-connected mobile devices with high-quality cameras enables mobile app developers to leverage the barcode in fresh ways. They can now […]

Cash is Falling Out of Fashion – Will It Disappear Forever?

Let's take a look at the future of money.
Bhaskar Chakravorti | Tufts University

On June 27, the ATM turned 50. Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker once described it as the “only useful innovation in banking.” But today, the cash that ATMs dispense may be on the endangered list. Cash is being displaced in so many ways that it’s hard to keep track. There are credit cards […]

Why Robots Should Inspire Hope, Not Fear

Robotic enhancement is revolutionizing how we work.
Stephan Howeg | The Adecco Group

The future of work looks full of promise. Combining human brainpower with artificial intelligence, virtual reality and automatization will revolutionize how we work. Already, robotic enhancement is helping humans exceed their natural capabilities. AI is opening the door to real-time, personalized intelligent services, cutting waste and maximizing results. And virtual and augmented reality are enabling […]

What’s Powering the Digital Economy?

From the data center to the cloud, analytics makes digital transactions smarter.
Alison Bolen | SAS

As the digital economy infiltrates almost every aspect of our lives – from banking and shopping to dating and learning – it begs the question: Is the digital economy simply becoming, well, the economy? Perhaps. Even more importantly, what makes the digital economy profitable? And how can you create ongoing value in the digital economy? […]

Is the Mailbox Going the Way of the Rotary Phone?

Keeping European postal infrastructure open.

PARIS – Everyone has a mailbox. But beneath their everyday veneer, mailboxes are in a state of radical transition. Just as the rotary phone was replaced by more adaptive technology, your mailbox may soon be at the center of a groundbreaking transformation. According to Copenhagen Economics, mail volumes are decreasing at a rate of roughly […]

3 Principles for Bringing Augmented Intelligence to Life Sciences

Investments in better data will drive better decision-making.

In today’s healthcare system, we are not getting value out of our spending. It’s a complex issue, with an equally complex set of potential solutions. But as the industry shifts to value-based care, we’ve reached a tipping point. It is important, now more than ever, that all players within the healthcare ecosystem are rowing together […]

How IoT Challenges the Way We Measure Energy

Will the traditional electricity meter eventually disappear?
Colin I’anson | Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The revolution of connected objects brings into question the way we meter consumed energy. Smart meters have been considered the future of metering technology, but even these are now being questioned as a long-term solution. The invention of the electricity meter was vital to the development of electricity distribution by allowing customers to be billed […]

Can Digital Technologies Make You Tougher?

Digital technology could promote increased resilience among individuals and communities.
Josh Woodard | FHI 360

We live in an increasingly volatile and uncertain world. The risks to much of the world’s population that stem from climatic, political and economic fluctuations have played out again and again in recent years. While emergency response and humanitarian aid still have an important role to play, the development community is increasingly interested in how […]

People Analytics: Make Smarter Decisions

Finding new ways to fill the in-demand jobs of today and tomorrow.
Sarah Harden | SAS

It may seem unimaginable, but by 2030, many of the world’s largest economies will have more jobs than available people to fill them. This looming shortage points to the need for better approaches to every aspect of managing the workforce, such as talent recruitment, retention and development. In this case, “better” means more evidence-based, precise […]

Enterprise IT at Cloud Speed

Here's why hybrid IT speed is critical for business success.
Markus Herber | Hewlett Packard Enterprise

In digital business, speed is critical to gaining a competitive advantage. That’s why rapid software development concepts such as DevOps and Continuous Delivery are gaining popularity. This requires a shift in mindset by IT departments – so-called “cloud speed” must also be possible in the enterprise data center. According to a recent Oxford Economics study, […]

Evolving Nanoscale Communication

As molecular biology, nanoscale engineering and robotics converge, we can better target problems in the human body.
Mike Liebhold | Institute for the Future

Today networks of smart devices have already transformed our world, and we’re just starting to connect our bodies to them in meaningful ways. We see signs that we might be able to create new bio-based networks inside our own bodies and manipulate the ones already there. As molecular biology, nanoscale engineering and robotics converge, we […]

It’s About Connecting, Not Delivering

Preparing for the post-Uber effect: Here’s how transportation companies can get ahead of the next disruption.

Plenty of companies fear being uberized. By uberized, I mean a shift from the classical economy – companies internally organizing activities to perform a service – to the platform model, using digital tools to coordinate external resources (mostly people) for the same activity. Through dedicated digital platforms, this gets rid of the middle man and […]

IoT and the Future of Consumer Products Manufacturing

Why revenue growth is IoT’s surprising side effect.

Of all that the Internet of Things (IoT) promises, manufacturers seem most focused on supply chain efficiency, and with good reason. Under constant pressure to reduce costs and get to market faster, but having limited ways to do so, IoT’s promise of faster, cheaper and better is alluring. Getting less attention in IoT discussions is […]

Turning Digital Disruption Into a Building Block for Change

Companies need to embrace organizational change to develop digital capabilities and transition to new business models.
Ken Cottrill | MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics

Digital disruption can represent a major threat to a company – or a golden opportunity to rebuild the enterprise. At MIT CTL’s Crossroads 2017 conference in April, Dr. Jeanne Ross, Director and Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Sloan School’s Center for Information and Systems Research, described how some companies are taking the rebuild route. […]

The Mall Isn’t Dead – It’s Just Changing

Cities around the world are looking for ways to build compact, transit-oriented developments.
Stefan Al | University of Pennsylvania

Today thousands of empty suburban malls dot the American landscape. Describing decaying buildings and cracked asphalt parking lots, eulogy after eulogy arrives at the same conclusion: The mall is “dead.” (There’s even a website – – documenting the decline.) But 8,000 miles away, another vision of the mall has taken hold – one that […]

From Battlefield to Boardroom

This former M1-A1 tank officer shares his leadership philosophy and advice for keeping calm during business transformations.
Chris Hsu | Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Chris Hsu, Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s EVP and general manager of Software and chief operating officer, is a graduate of West Point and a former U.S. Army captain, a leadership role that proved valuable for navigating the separation of Hewlett Packard into two Fortune 100 companies (HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise), as well as the […]

Getting Smarter About Our Cities

Against the backdrop of National Transportation Week, let's explore the driving forces behind smart cities.
Dave Roegge | UPS

More people. More cars. More congestion. City planners and dwellers are gearing up for the 70 percent of the world’s population projected to live in urban areas by 2050. The solution to unlocking gridlock and making cities more livable is as complex as the infrastructures they seek to improve, according to new UPS research co-sponsored […]

Propelling the IoT Revolution

Take a look at how the world’s largest package delivery company is tapping into connected devices.
Derek Banta | UPS

Few technology trends have gotten as much publicity over the past few years as the Internet of Things (IoT) – and with good reason. IoT has the potential to transform so many aspects of how customers and businesses interact. But at this point, three things are simultaneously true: Many customers have resisted adoption of IoT-enabled […]

Dubai Plans Hyperloop Trains That Will Be Faster Than Planes

Hyperloop could cut travel times between Dubai and Abu Dhabi from two hours to 12 minutes.
Alex Gray | Formative Content

Humans have long been fascinated with travel. Wherever we are, we want to get somewhere else, and when we’ve gotten there, we want to get there faster. Concorde was once the world’s fastest commercial passenger jet, travelling at speeds of more than 2,000 kilometers per hour, more than twice the speed of sound. More recently, […]

Top 10 Innovations in World Expo History

With buzz building around Expo 2020 Dubai, here's your ticket to some of the best expo moments.
James Rowe | UPS Longitudes

For more than a century, innovations in technology, arts and culture were revealed to the masses at grand public events – and the World’s Fair was the place to do it. We call them World Expos today, but the events continue to roll out the most cutting-edge inventions of their time. As we anticipate the next World […]

3D Printing – Evolution Rather than Revolution – Part Two

Here are four different ways to evaluate the future of 3D printing.
Ralf Steck | Engineering Spot

In the first part of this blog series, I explained three concepts that crystallized what 3D printing can and cannot offer. Ultimately, this also dictates the industries and scenarios where 3D printing and rapid prototyping are used in a complementary role. To distinguish between realistic and over-hyped applications for the years ahead, we want to investigate and evaluate […]

3D Printing: Evolution Rather than Revolution – Part One

An assessment of the current state of 3D printing.
Ralf Steck | Engineering Spot

There’s been plenty of speculation in recent years on whether 3D printing spells the end of the global supply chain. Given all that talk, it’s time for a clear-eyed evaluation of the effects of this technology on our world. In this two-part series, I’ll focus first on defining the current state of 3D printing. Part two (coming Friday) […]

Understanding Analytics in a Connected Universe

Combining three pillars of cybersecurity analytics will help IoT expand opportunities for all industries.
Liz Goldberg | SAS

In January 2017, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security warned of a cybersecurity flaw that could allow hackers to remotely take control of a person’s heart defibrillator or pacemaker. The point of vulnerability is the transmitter that sends data from the implanted devices back to physicians. A hacker could hijack it to rapidly deplete the […]

With New Technology, Mathematicians Turn Numbers Into Art

Changing the way we view math could unleash broader knowledge.
Frank A. Farris | Santa Clara University

Once upon a time, mathematicians imagined their job was to discover new mathematics and then let others explain it. Today, digital tools like 3D printing, animation and virtual reality are more affordable than ever, allowing mathematicians to investigate and illustrate their work at the same time. Instead of drawing a complicated surface on a chalkboard, […]

Cities of 2050: Data and Technology Will Fuel Megacities of the Future

Here's a collaborative blueprint for the urban areas of tomorrow.
Terry D. Bennett | Autodesk

What will cities look like by the year 2050? Will they be like those in South Korea centered on a digitally connected retrofit of existing society? Will they parallel the shiny new cities of Dubai or Singapore? Or could they possibly move underground or under the oceans? Today, innovative cities such as Curitiba, Brazil, are […]

Nonstop Adaptation

Reinvention is a must for any company looking to get ahead in today’s marketplace.
Jay Collins | WEX

When people ask me where I work, the answer can sound complicated … but it’s really not. I work at a fleet, travel and healthcare company. To put it more clearly, I work in payment solutions – in the fleet and travel and healthcare businesses. It’s actually not all that different from those who work […]