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Technology and Tenacity: The Right Time for Transformational Change

We are an industry of industries. But we all want the same things — cleaner cities and safer roads. Working together is how we get them.

I have one big problem with predictions: They’re wrong more than they’re right. In 1957, Popular Mechanics predicted that in 10 years, by 1967, you’d be able to order a light truck that would fly using fans. In 2013, futurists said self-driving vehicles would be standard by 2018. The reason these were wrong — and […]

How to Supercharge Your Productivity

It’s time to ditch the endless checklists.

Few things can make us feel more accomplished than crushing a to-do list, and science backs up this momentary thrill. Ticking off a task releases dopamine in the brain, and we all crave this “feel-good” neurotransmitter. The more tasks we complete, the more chemical rewards we enjoy. But to-do lists can be a misguided productivity tool. From […]

The Future of Telemedicine

We can extend the reach of healthcare to the home, as well as under-served areas.

Growing up in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, I saw firsthand that where you live is often the single greatest determinant of health and life expectancy. In Brazil, 75 percent of the population does not have private health insurance. Long lines at outdated public health clinics for the most basic services are a normal part of everyday […]

Tech Must Embrace Teamwork to Transform the World

When working to solve worldwide problems, we must first act locally and then scale those solutions globally.

Despite the proliferation of technology once only dreamed of in science fiction movies, our world still faces age-old problems – from poverty and hunger to pollution and diseases. In fact, 1.2 billion people have no access to electricity, and more than 3 billion people live in poverty on less than $2.50 a day. On top of that, one in […]

Unpacking the Promise — and Reality — of 5G

This is the piece of the puzzle that will improve transformative technologies like AI, IoT and autonomous vehicles.

Emerging technologies typically attract a lot of hype about how they will change everything. Sometimes the hype gets ahead of a technology’s real potential. In the case of 5G broadband, however, it’s arguable that the transformational benefits of this next-generation broadband wireless technology are actually under lauded. This may be due, in large part, to its […]