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A Quantum Physics Approach to Successful Technology Leadership

How “spooky action at a distance” is transforming the business landscape.

I studied physics while completing my computer engineering degree, but my interest in quantum physics came from television, not a text book. I loved classic shows like Quantum Leap, and today I turn to science fiction such as Counterpart, Sense8 and Stranger Things for an admittedly non-scientific exploration of the topic. In quantum physics, entanglement […]

The 3 Challenges Every New CEO Faces

The disconnect between the expectation and reality of being a CEO helps explain why chief executive tenures are getting shorter.

Nearly half of chief executives say that the role was “not what I expected beforehand.” This was one finding from a series of interviews we conducted recently with 20 current and former CEOs of large public companies, including Bupa, Husky Energy, Standard Chartered, ATCO and Lloyds Banking Group. The goal was to identify some of […]

How Businesses Can Determine if Design Thinking Is Right for Them

Companies can use design thinking as a vehicle for cultural change, creative collaboration and disruptive innovation.

Design thinking has become the recipe du jour for innovation. For some, it is the route to transformative thinking and revolutionary change. For others, it looks like chaos, where millennials plaster the walls with sticky notes and play with Nerf toys and LEGOs. Others see it as a fad that has failed. Fad or not, governments, tech companies, consumer […]

How Pizza Could Save the World

The pizza market, driven by local interests and needs, shows us how everyday citizens can participate in innovation with global impact.

On a recent Hawaiian vacation, Don stayed at a truly luxurious resort. It wasn’t his style. He couldn’t help but notice the contrast with the poorer sections of the island where locals lived and tourists rarely ventured. Is this the planet’s future? Two distinct cultures, one of isolated wealth and excess, the other of poverty? […]

Why the Milkman Model Is the Future of Consumption

Loop™ positions customers as partners in reducing package waste and shows the power of innovation to move us closer to a greener future.

A cultural shift is changing how businesses operate – and interact with customers. This seismic change was on full display at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, where I participated in a thought-provoking event on the future of consumer goods. Put simply: We saw the power of the circular economy in action. […]