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How Technology Can Revolutionize Healthcare in the Middle East

Digital innovations are driving the transformation of healthcare across the region.

Healthcare systems around the world are under increased pressure to deliver high-quality and efficient care to growing populations, but the financial and human resources to deliver that care are becoming increasingly stretched. At the same time, aging populations and the rise of chronic conditions like heart disease and respiratory ailments are driving up the demand […]

How Our Brains Process Praise and Why it’s Killing Our Potential

When your brain gets a reward, it learns to do that action again. But repetition builds habits, not growth.

News flash: People love praise. They love being told that they’re doing a good job, that their effort is appreciated and that they are a valuable member of the team. They love it so much that we have embedded praise deeply in the culture. Our schools provide plenty of opportunities for students to get recognized […]

The Manufacturing Side of Digital Transformation

Smart factories unlock the promise of Industry 4.0.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, often called Industry 4.0, is now underway. This is the manufacturing side of digital transformation — “smart factories” that deliver intelligence on demand. The evolution of data-driven autonomous systems and machine learning tools underpins the promise of Industry 4.0 as organizations look to connect IoT devices, collect critical metrics, visualize data […]

Why Inclusive Leaders Are Good for Organizations

These six traits distinguish inclusive leaders from their peers.

Companies increasingly rely on diverse, multidisciplinary teams that combine the collective capabilities of women and men, people of different cultural heritage and younger and older workers. But simply throwing a mix of people together doesn’t guarantee high performance. Success requires inclusive leadership — leadership that assures all team members are treated respectfully and fairly while […]

Making History in Healthcare Logistics

Drone delivery of medical samples in North Carolina marks the dawn of a new day for patient care.

Advances in technology and healthcare logistics are transforming the future of patient care. This is particularly true as emerging technologies like drones put quality care within reach of more patients inside and outside of health facilities. Historically, the practice of medical care revolved around a simple formula — a patient goes to the doctor and […]