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Our Best 2018 Sustainability Articles

A year-end look at the top sustainability content from Longitudes.

Diversification was the sustainability story of 2018. From innovative urban planning to a greater understanding of online returns to a growing fleet of electric vehicles, sustainable solutions came in many different shapes and sizes. That’s because every city, every company and every individual brings unique expertise to building a greener world for us all. The […]

Collaboration Fuels the Fleet Strategy of Tomorrow

Time is of the essence for developing electric vehicles. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone.

The commercial transportation industry is evolving at breakneck speeds in an attempt to keep up with ever-tightening emissions regulations and rising demand for zero-emissions solutions. But if we’re going to dramatically transform the world of transportation through widespread electric vehicle adoption, we can’t work in silos. As a recent McKinsey study points out, collaboration and “arrangements […]

Building the Business Case for Fleet Electrification

All of us, working together, can create a more sustainable, livable future.

The business case for commercial fleets to go electric is getting stronger as technology advancements reduce costs and companies search for viable solutions to growing urbanization and environmental challenges. While significant barriers remain, fleet operators around the world are evaluating their needs to determine where electrification can fit into their business strategy. A shift to […]

The On Ramp to Fleet Electrification

At UPS, we’ve learned many lessons on our journey to building the fleet of tomorrow. Here’s what stands out.

Fleet electrification is an exciting component in UPS’s use of emerging technologies and an important element in helping the company achieve its ambitious sustainability goals. A “rolling laboratory” of approximately 9,300 alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles driving more than 1 million cleaner miles each business day fuels our journey toward a less carbon-intensive future. […]

Sustainable City Innovation on the Global and Local Stage

Any path to real transformation requires collective action from a wide range of stakeholders.

Earlier this fall, I took part in two climate action events dedicated to a critical issue: how the continued growth of cities will challenge the way we live and do business. At the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) led by California Gov. Jerry Brown, thousands of people from around the world gathered in San Francisco […]