TED at UPS 2015

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TED@UPS: Why Stirring Up Trouble Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

Trouble is actually an in-your-face kind of friend. If you don’t look for it, it’s going to come looking for you.

I’m a troublemaker. Maybe I don’t look or sound very intimidating, but it’s true. In fact, I’m actually paid to look for trouble. Let me explain. I’m in sales, so I talk to folks every day about their business challenges. What I’ve discovered is that if there isn’t some trouble that comes up in the […]

TED@UPS: Hiring the Scrapper

What happens when your whole life seems engineered towards failure – and you actually succeed?

Summary: Your company launches a search for an open position. The applications roll in and two qualified candidates are identified. Person A: Ivy League, 4.0 grade average, flawless resume, great recommendations. All the right stuff. Person B:  State university, job-hopped around a bit, and has held a lot of odd jobs, including cashier and singing […]

TED@UPS: A Leap of Faith

Once again, we looked over the edge of a cliff.

Summary: Thirteen years ago, I sat in a boat in Negril, Jamaica, watching as my new bride stood on a cliff ready to jump into the water below. From the boat, our tour group called out “3! 2! 1! Jump!” But as she peered into the ocean below, fear took hold.  And despite our best […]

TED@UPS: The Secret to Stress

Want to see what de-stressing looks like?

Summary: 2014 was a year of new experiences for me. UPS offered me a full-time job, and I was accepted into graduate school. I finally had an idea of what I wanted to do with my life. All the pieces seemed to be falling into place. But the reality of my situation wasn’t so simple. […]

TED@UPS: A Tribute to Keeping Your Day Job

People ask why I don’t retire as a driver and play music fulltime. The reason is that I would miss my customers too much.

Summary:  I started playing the mandolin at a young age – no more than 8 or 9. As I was starting out, I went through phases when I admired various artists. The first was Bill Monroe. I bought every album and listened to every song of his I could find. As I got older I […]