TED at UPS 2017

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The Quest for Perfection

What if “good enough” isn't good enough?

In his role as a driving instructor, Jon has a well-earned reputation for being strict. He wants his drivers to be obsessively perfect in every detail, large and small, because the cost of imperfection is massive for someone behind the wheel. With his TED@UPS talk, Jon says we don’t seek perfection because we’re too often […]

Profound Lessons From a Pro Wrestler

We should all find what makes us different and turn it up for the world to see.

Mike started wrestling professionally in high school, and his dad was his biggest fan. But after the sudden passing of his father, Mike felt lost and unsure of what to do. In his TED@UPS talk, Mike shares how a fellow wrestler gave him a life-changing lesson. His friend explained that the best wrestlers take their […]

Counterintuitive Innovation

Here are some lessons from a former Air Force pilot on outside-the-box thinking.

Former Air Force Col. Jeff Kozak recently joined UPS’s fuel team to launch a new fuel efficiency application. In that role, Jeff must often expect the unexpected and trust his intuition. The pursuit of constant improvement has taught Jeff that even the slightest of tweaks can have massive results. Jeff takes the stage at TED@UPS […]

Making Work More Human

Can an automated world help us rediscover what it means to be human?

It’s near certain that some, if not all, of your work will be done by a robot or software in the next few years. David Lee believes that if humans don’t take an active role in responding to this change, we’re almost certain to be living a future that is robotic, largely unemployed and … […]

Healing Art

A life without art is a life without awe, which is no life at all.

To Jennifer Allison, art isn’t just a hobby or career. It really isn’t even a choice. To her, art is like air: She needs it to survive. Jennifer has sensory processing disorder. That means sounds, textures and visual details are over-amplified, with equal levels of intensity. This disorder used to make her feel out of […]