TED at UPS 2017

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Shining a Light on Human Trafficking

How a truck driver learned to see and save people on America's highways.

As a small-town police officer, John McKown dealt with his share of prostitution cases. But after he left the force and became a truck driver, he faced prostitution in a new light – at truck stops. In his TED@UPS talk, John describes how he encountered a young, tattered-looking girl forced to work as a prostitute at the truck […]

How Collectivism Can Benefit Capitalism

Refugees can teach us all something about the power of community.

Christine Thach grew up in a refugee community after her mother resettled from Cambodia to the United States. That experience opened her eyes to the power of shared value – the benefits created when a community bands together to support each other and pool resources to overcome obstacles. To outsiders, these communities of refugees can appear insular and […]

Rural Is the New Urban

Do you really need to live in the city?

Centuries ago, the Industrial Revolution sent people flocking to the world’s cities in search of jobs, culture and connectivity – and the trend has only mushroomed. By 2050, up to three-fourths of the global population will live in cities. And with this density comes many problems, including congestion, poor air quality and a lack of […]

The Hidden Message in Multiplication

As kids, we're asked to solve math problems. But can basic math solve our grown-up problems?

Uma Adwani grew up in a small town in India that discouraged girls from pursuing higher education. But that didn’t stop Uma from pursuing her dreams. Uma moved to a completely unknown city to become a primary school teacher. The problem? She would be teaching her most hated subject: math. As Uma prepared her lesson […]

Why We Need to Pay Attention to Chinese Millennials

Does your company have a talent gap? Chinese millennials could be the answer.

Sebastian Guo says companies aren’t looking far enough for millennial talent – more specifically, far enough east. Chinese millennials, Guo argues, are going overlooked at a time when businesses need an infusion of specialized skills. Guo’s Chinese counterparts are well-poised and ready to take on today’s most vexing business challenges. Sebastian takes the stage at TED@UPS to […]