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What Happened When Thousands of Abandoned Rape Kits Were Tested

A national logistics effort can solve the problem of stockpiled rape kits.

In 2009, Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy and her team discovered more than 11,000 untested rape kits – some dating back to the 1980s – in an old Detroit Police Department storage facility. As soon as they were unearthed, Kym worked immediately to raise millions of dollars to process the kits and seek justice for the thousands of […]

How Machine Learning Can Teach Us To Build More Effective Teams

Here are three team-building lessons that can help any manager.

Former Marine Corps Lt. Drew Humphreys knows a thing or two about leadership. Before joining the business world, as a platoon commander in Afghanistan, he was in charge of 37 Marines who fought the Taliban and maintained a vital supply route through Helmand Province. He had to reconsider everything he knew about leadership when he […]

A Makerspace for Everyone

Imagine a place where inventors and hobbyists alike can collaborate, accelerate innovation and build community with magical results.

Growing up tinkering in his father’s workshop, Robin Hooker always had a space to reimagine the world – to modulate, mashup, remix and repair things. As an adult, he realized not everyone has access to a space where they can safely experiment. Hooker argues for democratizing access to public, shared workshops, commonly called “makerspaces,” which provide room […]

What If Our Data Could Be Protected Online?

In the age of e-commerce, must we sacrifice privacy in the name of convenience?

In today’s interconnected world, keeping our personal data private can seem nearly impossible. We’re often forced to give away our personal information to get the services we desire, especially when it comes to e-commerce. “We make the trade of online privacy for convenience,” says data privacy enthusiast, Derek Banta. Instead, he wants us to look […]

How Small Business Can Benefit from Village Banking

Here's a community-based solution with lessons for every small business – no matter where they operate.

Small businesses in the United States fail at an alarming rate. Half close their doors by year five, and 70 percent by year 10. The No. 1 reason? They run out of money. Compare that to small businesses in Ecuador and Guatemala, which are diligent about managing finances and have a nearly 100 percent loan […]