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A Breakthrough Moment for Women in Global Trade

If we’re serious about inclusion, we must help more women take their business global.

More than 1 million people celebrated the first large-scale International Women’s Day event in 1911, when citizens across Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland gathered to mark social, economic, cultural and political progress for women. Flash forward more than a century, and now there are nearly 10 million women-owned small businesses, according to the International Trade […]

Slide to Power On

Global e-commerce is creating new opportunities for merchants. But governments must do more to support the rise of digital trade.

Consumers aren’t just buying more online these days. Increasingly, they’re buying online from other countries — nearly half of all U.S. shoppers now make purchases from international retailers. Many countries around the world are recognizing this new trading environment and embracing the vast economic opportunities created by global e-commerce. Unfortunately, there are other countries missing […]

Is Blockchain All Hype?

A financier and supply chain expert duke it out.

This is an article from Head to Head, a series in which academics from different disciplines chew over current debates. In this conversation, Carlos Cordon, Professor of Strategy and Supply Chain Management at the IMD Business School, and Arturo Bris, Professor of Finance at the IMD Business School, square off on the potential of blockchain. Arturo […]

We Can Make Sure Globalization 4.0 Leaves No One Behind

Addressing humanitarian crises and supporting fragile nations is both morally right and pragmatically sound.

Editor’s note: UPS senior leaders, including CEO David Abney, are heading to Switzerland for the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting. Stay tuned for UPS commentaries later this week, highlighting the most important conversations taking place at Davos.  This week government, business and civil society leaders from around the world will make their annual trek to […]

Why Trade Deficits Aren’t So Bad

We’re better off with trade deficits than imposing tariffs and restrictive policies to prevent them.

Most Americans seem to think international trade deficits are a bad thing. A March poll, for example, showed that more than two-thirds think the U.S. should take steps to reduce the trade deficit with China, even if a resulting trade war drives up consumer prices. That’s in large part because of the notion expressed by […]