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Reimagining Financial Services with Blockchain

Organizations can unlock substantial economic value using blockchain technology.

Across every industry today, organizations are looking to streamline and automate processes to reduce costs, gain efficiencies, radically improve speed to market and achieve better business outcomes. The financial services industry in many ways is at the forefront of such initiatives – with particular focus on today’s disjointed and redundant processing and reconciliation challenges – […]

TFA’s Benefits Extend Well Beyond Cutting Red Tape

The Trade Facilitation Agreement will bolster governance in developing nations.
Russell Hillberry | Purdue University

Late last month, the World Trade Organization celebrated the entry into force of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), a global effort to streamline government procedures governing international trade. The primary goal of the agreement is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of agencies that oversee trade, especially in developing countries, by reducing bureaucratic red tape […]

How Blockchain Can Restore Trust In Trade

During a time when transparency matters more than ever, enter blockchain.
Jesse Mcwaters | World Economic Forum

Wolfgang Lehmacher | World Economic Forum

International trade is under pressure. Fears fueled by the global refugee situation and terrorist threats have led to tighter border controls – and these come at a cost. Every inspection of goods, every stop along the supply chain, eats up time and drives up prices. It harms businesses and consumers alike. Those involved in international […]

3 Ways a New Customs Agreement Makes it Easier to Meet Global Demand

The new TFA is changing the way goods cross borders and move around the world.
Laura Lane | UPS

The newly minted Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) is a game-changer for the way goods cross borders and move around the world. At UPS, the seamless movement of packages is our lifeblood — so we are excited by this World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement, which ushers in a new global framework of rules that make trade […]

Global Trade and Conservation Can Work Together

Countries can be competitive in global trade without racing to the bottom in their environmental standards.
Matt Burgess | University of California

Rob Williams | University of St. Andrews

The United States is the world’s largest seafood importer, purchasing about $20 billion worth every year. It is also a global leader in seafood sustainability, with some of the world’s strongest laws and policies designed to prevent both overfishing of target species and incidental harms to other species. One of the major global challenges to harvesting […]

Can Trade Take Cambodia from Darkness to Prosperity?

On the rise, Cambodia aims to be a developed country by 2050.
Pan Sorasak | Royal Kingdom of Cambodia

Ratnakar Adhikari | Enhanced Integrated Framework

This past summer, the World Bank officially upgraded Cambodia to a “lower‑middle‑income country,” a move that confirms the country’s upwards economic trajectory during the past 20 years. But despite this new status, which Cambodia shares with 51 other economies, including India, Vietnam and the Philippines, the country is still mostly associated with darker images: landmines, civil war […]

Globalization is Worth Saving

Trade, like technology, is good for most of us. But we need to make it more inclusive.
Arancha González Laya | International Trade Centre

Cross-border flows of goods, services, capital, people and even ideas are today more contested, at least in advanced economies, than they have been since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Trade agreements, which constitute a rare, tangible legislative symbol of globalization, are bearing the brunt of the controversy. Last-minute objections from French-speaking Belgians nearly derailed a […]

‘Good’ Countries Export More

New research finds that soft power pays.
Anne Kim | Republic 3.0

Countries that enjoy a positive world image may also reap an economic reward: more exports. According to new research published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, perceptions of a country’s “positive or negative influence in the world” is directly correlated to its sales to other nations. “Countries tend to do well by doing good,” […]

5 Ways to Make Global Trade Work for Developing Countries

Meeting complex and opaque rules can be especially difficult for developing nations. Here's why.
Joakim Reiter | UNCTAD

In 2016, the growth of world trade will be at its slowest since the financial crisis of 2008, reports the World Trade Organization (WTO). Despite the increased protectionism that followed the crash, traditional trade barriers, such as tariffs, are at historical lows. Despite this, the flow of goods and services between countries remains one of […]

The Future of Trade, Inequality and Globalization

There's a lot of noise around trade these days. Let's see where trade could actually take us in the years ahead.
Anabel González | World Bank Group

Anabel Gonzalez, senior director for the World Bank Group’s Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice, offers her views on mega-regional trade agreements, the role of trade in reducing inequality and the importance of international cooperation and domestic policies in making globalization work for all. What is the importance of trade in the global economy? AG: International […]

Rough Trade: The Global Economy Needs a Jumpstart To Benefit All

Can the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other new pacts get the flow of goods and business relationships going again?
Andy Meek | The Guardian

The global economy has expanded greatly since the early 1980s, thanks to technology breakthroughs, the opening of markets and trade being more accessible. Today, trade generates $15 trillion annually. Nearly $5 trillion in goods and services flows in and out of the U.S. alone each year. This development has affected people across socioeconomic classes.  Former […]

What the Trans-Pacific Partnership Means for the West

Although conversations about TPP usually focus on Asia, we should also examine its potential impact in the Western Hemisphere.
Eric Farnsworth | AS/COA

Trade is never a popular topic in a presidential election year, but 2016 may prove to be an inflection point. For the first time since the Depression, the presumptive candidates of both major political parties have spoken skeptically about trade, one even suggesting that he would renegotiate existing agreements including NAFTA. [Also on Longitudes: The Urgency […]

Shining a Light on Trade

Defenders of free trade need a better pitch amid growing skepticism of the global movement of goods.
Laura Dawson | Canada Institute

As an idealistic graduate student, I was convinced that trade agreements were bad for everybody except large corporations. I went to school in British Columbia, Canada, determined to show how trade exploited farmers, fostered inequality and stifled progress. Then a funny thing happened: I proved myself wrong. Confronted with the evidence – much to my […]

The Latin Term Every Exporter Should Know: De Minimis

Fulfilling your retail dreams around the world is mission possible.

Nearly three years ago, Will Green set out on a mission to fulfill his dream of providing fashionable, ethically produced vegan shoes to everyday people around the world. His vision was to provide customers with the latest fashions at fair prices, all without hurting animals or people in the process. Will soon set up shop […]

At the Heart of Free Trade

Here’s what the exchange of goods between the U.S. and Canada can teach us about the state of trade today – and its future prospects.

With free trade under relentless attack in certain political circles, it’s time for a reality check. We shouldn’t shut down borders. The U.S.-Canada trade lane, for example, is proof of the transformative power of the global movement of goods. The U.S.-Canada story is a story of opportunity, one of neighbors innovating together to tackle challenges […]

Taking Freight Forward

Cindy Miller, global freight forwarding executive, on a dynamic marketplace.
Jeff Berman | Logistics Management

Transportation and logistics bellwether UPS recently announced that Cindy Miller was named as the company’s president of global freight forwarding. A 28-year UPS veteran, Miller was president of UPS Europe, where she oversaw all UPS operations in more than 120 countries and territories across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Miller held that position […]

Workers Unite for TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership could have a positive impact on income inequality.
Robert Z. Lawrence | Harvard Kennedy School

Median household income in the United States has stagnated for decades and one way to boost that income could be to reap more gains from trade. Trade supports higher-paying jobs, increases the innovation and productivity growth that are necessary to support sustained increases in living standards and also expands the purchasing power of consumers. The […]

Reason, Reality and the Future of Trade

Candidates’ opposition for trade agreements overlooks their wide-ranging benefits
David Abney | UPS

The following is based on a speech given by UPS Chief Executive Officer David Abney at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce’s Global Impact Awards event on April 20, 2016. Trade isn’t getting much love these days. Maybe you’ve noticed. I read the other day that trade bashing has replaced kissing babies as the most […]

What Does it Mean to Trade in the 21st Century?

Today’s trading environment must adapt to global supply chains and the potential of e-commerce.
Laura Lane | UPS

When 12 senior representatives announced the highly anticipated conclusion to the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in October 2015, U.S. Trade Representative Mike Froman heralded the deal as an agreement tailored for the modern economy. “In addition to liberalizing trade and investment between us, the agreement addresses the challenges our stakeholders face in the 21st century while […]

Why Mexico?

If you’re looking for the next big thing, Mexico is a good place to start.
Brian Hughes | UPS Longitudes

You’ve probably noticed that we’re pretty bullish on Mexico’s future. That’s why Longitudes spent the week exploring how manufacturers are flocking to Latin America  (don’t forget to check out the podcast) and why that trend will create a fast lane to economic opportunity at the U.S.-Mexico border. On a related note, we also took a look at […]

2016 – A Good Year To Ace The Trade Agenda

With momentum building on the trade front despite ongoing concerns about globalization, here’s how leaders can earn an A in trade.
Gary Hufbauer | Peterson Institute for International Economics

Tyler Moran | Peterson Institute

The trade horizon unexpectedly brightened last year, including in the United States, where some key successes pushed the trade agenda forward despite ongoing concerns about globalization and its effects. Congress delivered the votes President Obama needed to complete negotiations on an ambitious trade pact spanning the Pacific Rim and to reopen the embattled Export-Import Bank, […]

Why Openness to Trade is Necessary, but isn’t Enough

What enables growth, innovation, job creation and development?
Selina Jackson | World Bank Group

We are experiencing a battle of ideas regarding the state of the global economy and prospects for growth. Larry Summers has been leading the group of economists proclaiming that the world entered an era of secular stagnation since the global financial crisis. On the other end, Standard Chartered Bank and other players have been arguing […]

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Time for Small Business to Think Big

Why smaller companies have the most to gain from the largest regional trade accord in history.

We’re at a crossroads in global trade, one that can usher in a golden era for Asia’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, initiated during the global economic downturn in 2009, finally concluded this month in Atlanta. The nations involved – Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, […]

The Week in Review: TPP Edition

Why you should care about a new, landmark trade deal that would transform the global economy.
Brian Hughes | UPS Longitudes

This was a big week for trade. More importantly, this was a big week for expanding economic opportunity around the world. The United States, Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim nations reached an agreement this week on the largest regional trade accord in history. The pact, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, links roughly 40 percent […]

Top 5 Reasons to Support the Trans-Pacific Partnership

How the trade pact presents opportunities for small business to grow in new markets.
Shiumei Lin | UPS

After years of negotiations and an intense week of back-and-forth deliberation in Atlanta, negotiators announced an agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Monday morning. The deal is the largest and most substantial free trade agreement in history, connecting 12 global economies and 800 million consumers across the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region. UPS has pressed for […]

Is This Africa’s Year of Trade?

Treaties are not the end-all: it’s implementing them and fostering trade at all levels that is the solution.
Jacqueline Musiitwa | Hoja Law Group

“Export or die” was a popular mantra used by Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia’s first president from 1964 to 1991, to encourage domestic manufacturing of goods for export. This mantra is still relevant today across many African countries, especially this year, which is shaping up to be Africa’s year of trade. The specialized trade in raw […]

A World Now Open for Business

Creating opportunity through trade.
Jim Barber | UPS

The following is based on a speech given by Jim Barber, president of UPS International, at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum in Atlanta. I have deep respect for small and mid-sized businesses and the entrepreneurs who turn on the lights in the morning, stand behind the counter all day and lock the doors at night. […]

5 Ways Trade Can Deliver for the World’s Poor

It's time to take the conversation about trade and poverty to the next level.
Ritu Sharma | Trade and Poverty Expert

Just about every day, UPS drops something at my doorstep. As a working mom with two busy boys, my store of convenience is the world as I shop online. As an advocate for women in living in poverty worldwide, I often wonder if the goods I’ve just received through global trade made life better for […]

How U.S.-Africa Trade Can Fight Hunger

Aligning U.S. trade and development policies would help alleviate hunger in Africa — and benefit America’s economy.
Andrea Durkin | Sparkplug

Two-thirds of Africans work in the food and agriculture sector — yet one in every four people in Africa suffers chronic hunger, and 227 million people in Africa are considered undernourished. While rates of agricultural productivity in Africa are growing, they’re still far too low to meet projected demand in 2030. If current trends continue, hunger […]

How To Use Data To Unlock Overseas Markets

Trade data can be a powerful tool in searching the globe for the right customer.
Stuart Ridgway | Data Expert

All sorts of data is generated by the U.S. government that could help small businesses tap into overseas markets. Here’s how to turn that information into sales. Expanding overseas to sell your goods and services can be daunting, with a seemingly limitless number of markets to target. Yet just as Big Data is creating smarter […]