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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Smart Cities Now

It’s time for city planners, governments and business leaders to embrace technology that is changing our lives for the better.

Imagine you’re heading to work on a cold winter day. You step outside your perfectly climate-controlled home, and your self-driving car pulls up to the curb as scheduled. You enter the car from the extra-wide, pedestrian-friendly sidewalk. The car warns you there is ice on your standard route, which has slowed traffic considerably. Using data […]

3 Questions to Help You Live a Purposeful Life

Finding the right answers in life often starts with asking the right questions.

My dad made a major commitment to my twin sister and I when he promised to be there for our first day of school. He worked in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and only came back home to Milan, Italy, twice a year, in August and at Christmas. So the big day finally came, but when we […]

One for the Books

From activist to civil servant to clandestine book runner, Robert Brown has led a life of service. And he’s not done.

He was a friend of Nelson Mandela. He helped Martin Luther King, Jr.’s widow bring her husband’s body home. He was a businessman and held a senior position in the Nixon White House. All that was before he spent years sneaking books for poor children into South Africa during the height of apartheid. Today, with […]

Longitudes Bookroom: What Six Big Thinkers are Reading

Henry David Thoreau once said, “Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all.” In other words, life is finite; your book list should not be. Step into new thoughts and new learnings by stealing from some of the top thinkers speaking and writing today. A great […]

The CFO as Catalyst for Growth

How CFOs can drive change and create value.

As demands on performance continue to increase, corporations and professional firms are realizing that chief financial officers can be catalysts that drive change and create value. The CFO’s knowledge of finances, coupled with an intricate knowledge of the business, helps bring a new level of strategic thinking to any company. As the chief financial officer […]