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3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Smart Cities Now

It’s time for city planners, governments and business leaders to embrace technology that is changing our lives for the better.

Imagine you’re heading to work on a cold winter day. You step outside your perfectly climate-controlled home, and your self-driving car pulls up to the curb as scheduled. You enter the car from the extra-wide, pedestrian-friendly sidewalk. The car warns you there is ice on your standard route, which has slowed traffic considerably. Using data […]

How Asking ‘What If?’ Will Lead Us to Tomorrow’s Innovations

Today's leaders should encourage their teams to journey into the unknown.

We often talk about how technology – and more specifically, how the Internet – has changed business, but we don’t often discuss how the Internet has changed leadership. The style of leadership we need today is very different from what worked 50, 20 – or even 10 – years ago. Just as the Internet enabled […]

Lead Differently for a Different Workforce

Today’s worker will tune out yesterday’s leader. Here’s how you can adapt.

When I get on the elevator at work these days, it’s a much different scene. Employees are younger. They’re more diverse. And they often speak multiple languages.  Numbers tell the tale of this new workforce – there are more women and more people of color than at any point in U.S. history. Baby boomers are entering […]

The Secrets of the Most Community-Minded U.S. Companies

Communities facing hardship need your money. But they also need your skills.

Chances are that when you receive a package from UPS you don’t give a second thought to the complex logistics underway to deliver nearly 20 million packages a day. That’s because world class logistics is their expertise and core to their business strategy. But also core to UPS’ business strategy is a dedication to using […]

Six Words That Can Hurt Your Company

Why saying "that's how we've always done it" can stifle growth.

I’m a big believer in the idea that every organization needs a strong culture. In my mind, having a strong culture is a requisite for success – since you can reach your goals quicker and easier if everyone is rowing in sync. My company, UPS, owes its success in great part to the strong culture […]

Why the Best Bosses Are Flexible

The best managers provide the right mix of motivation, accommodation and flexibility.

I became a boss at UPS when I was only 21. I was a student at the University of Houston, working as a part-time supervisor for UPS at one of its many package-sorting hubs in that city. I still remember my manager instilling in me the importance of consistency. Be firm but fair, he said. […]

Bias at Work

Diversity doesn’t thrive without inclusion. Here’s why.

That uncomfortable middle seat on a sold out flight. It’s not just a less than ideal place to endure airline travel. It’s where I found out that I, a corporate diversity and inclusion consultant, am guilty of profiling people. Yes, I confess: I lump people in categories based on the way they look and other […]

After the Cyclone: The Logistics of Relief

Helping an island nation obtain clean drinking water and aid.

Editor’s note: The UPS Foundation announced today that it will contribute $500,000 to assist in the humanitarian response to the earthquake in Nepal. The contribution will help get urgent relief supplies to Nepal and provide on-the-ground logistics support for long-term recovery needs. In 2014, The UPS Foundation’s Humanitarian Relief & Resilience Program supported more than […]

The Helping Drone

How drone technology is being used for humanitarian relief.

It was like something out of a movie. That’s the best way to describe Disaster City, Texas A&M, a 52-acre training facility where engineered train derailments, chemical spills and building collapses are part of the normal day-to-day routine for the training of emergency response professionals. In March, I watched as a drone flew in to […]

“Students: Think Less Like Americans.”

In a smaller, more connected world, students must become global thinkers.

As college students across the United States prepare for graduation, I have what may seem a strange bit of advice: Try to think less like an American. Don’t get me wrong. We all should have pride in the U.S. and its many achievements. But I’m not talking about nationalism – I’m talking about globalism. In […]

Are Apprenticeships the Answer for Struggling Millennials?

German-style apprenticeships are gaining momentum as a way to help America's young workers.

In America, the rite of passage that comes with turning 16 is to get a drivers’ license. In Germany, it’s to become an apprentice. Since the 1970s, nearly two out of three young Germans opt at age 16 to enter the country’s apprenticeship system, which covers roughly 350 different occupations from mechanics to hairdressers, electricians […]

The Multiple Faces of Leadership

The meaning of modern leadership.

The following is based on a speech given by Myron Gray at the Economic Club of Indiana. Janus, the ancient Roman god of beginnings, transitions and endings, had a distinct advantage. He had two faces – one gazing forward, into the future. The other, looking back, at the past. And while Janus might be an […]

The Value of Hiring Veterans

President Obama encourages more companies to follow UPS example

Despite recent job growth across our nation, military veterans still face unique challenges as they enter the workforce. Nine percent of veterans who joined the armed forces since 2001, but have now returned to civilian life, are still unemployed. One of every two veterans who has transitioned from the military in the last 5 years […]

Hope in the Heart of Africa

Discovering inspiration and fulfillment amid the impoverished conditions of Swaziland.

In the driveway of my new adopted home, on a mountaintop in Swaziland, a beat-up Isuzu truck has replaced the BMW I once drove. The designer clothes that once filled my closets have been replaced by off-the-rack outfits from a department store. Instead of fancy shoes, I wear sandals and have given up the pedicures […]

Redefining Logistics

How UPS has Become the New Face of Global Transportation Logistics

This post first appeared in the Fall 2014 issue of HP Matter Online Magazine and was republished with permission. The future of transportation logistics is coming to Londonderry, New Hampshire (population: 23,000). Next year, when a 600,000-square-foot distribution center opens, workers will begin inspecting, tracking, storing, organizing, and ultimately shipping more than 270,000 parts used […]

Making Employee Engagement Sustainable

Use these keys to make your company’s eco-mission successful.

“Engaged employees tend to be more motivated, more loyal and more inspired.” It’s one thing to have a sustainability strategy, but to get employees to engage and champion it, companies need to listen to their concerns and appeal to their interests. Every corporate strategy worth its salt has to have a simple, catchy title; sustainable […]

The Power of Trust

Building loyal customers through a culture of integrity.

There’s not much about the UPS of today that resembles the company started 107 years ago in a basement office in Seattle. Except for trust. In an interview with the Ethisphere Institute, a New York-based organization formed to advance the standards of ethical business practices, Teri McClure, the company’s chief legal, communications and compliance officer, […]

The Logistics of Relief

A UPSer Recalls Her Visit to Dadaab, the World’s Largest Refugee Camp

From the air, Dadaab doesn’t appear — it slowly comes into focus. The huge empty expanse of red dust looks like a terracotta platter dotted with pepper. As you draw closer, the black specks grow and change color, and the bare platter fills, resembling a generous helping of githeri, the beans and maize dish that […]

Truckers and Algorithms

Transportation optimization starts with math, but ends in understanding human behavior.

Nautilus magazine When Bob Santilli, a senior project manager at UPS, was invited in 2009 to his daughter’s fifth grade class on Career Day, he struggled with how to describe exactly what he did for a living. Eventually, he decided he would show the class a travel optimization problem of the kind he worked on, […]

20 Million Volunteer Hours by 2020

Making an ambitious commitment to communities we serve.

Our pledge to complete 20 million hours of global volunteerism and community service by the end of 2020 is the most ambitious commitment to the communities we serve in the 107-year history of our company. We believe this commitment – announced on Monday by UPS’s chief operating officer David Abney at the Points of Light National […]

A Mother Creates Her Business to Help Her Son and the Autism Community

QCharm Portable Visual Cue System displays visual cues printed on flat surfaced charms that clip onto silicone wristbands.

When Denise Meissner’s son was diagnosed with Autism, she quickly became educated on the use of Visual Cues – single-image pictures that help those with language and communication challenges perform everyday tasks. Since people with Autism think in pictures, visual cues help them follow a schedule, manage behavior, tolerate new activities, and communicate with others. […]