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Why the Best Bosses Are Flexible

The best managers provide the right mix of motivation, accommodation and flexibility.

I became a boss at UPS when I was only 21. I was a student at the University of Houston, working as a part-time supervisor for UPS at one of its many package-sorting hubs in that city. I still remember my manager instilling in me the importance of consistency. Be firm but fair, he said. […]

Bias at Work

Diversity doesn’t thrive without inclusion. Here’s why.

That uncomfortable middle seat on a sold out flight. It’s not just a less than ideal place to endure airline travel. It’s where I found out that I, a corporate diversity and inclusion consultant, am guilty of profiling people. Yes, I confess: I lump people in categories based on the way they look and other […]

After the Cyclone: The Logistics of Relief

Helping an island nation obtain clean drinking water and aid.

Editor’s note: The UPS Foundation announced today that it will contribute $500,000 to assist in the humanitarian response to the earthquake in Nepal. The contribution will help get urgent relief supplies to Nepal and provide on-the-ground logistics support for long-term recovery needs. In 2014, The UPS Foundation’s Humanitarian Relief & Resilience Program supported more than […]

The Helping Drone

How drone technology is being used for humanitarian relief.

It was like something out of a movie. That’s the best way to describe Disaster City, Texas A&M, a 52-acre training facility where engineered train derailments, chemical spills and building collapses are part of the normal day-to-day routine for the training of emergency response professionals. In March, I watched as a drone flew in to […]

“Students: Think Less Like Americans.”

In a smaller, more connected world, students must become global thinkers.

As college students across the United States prepare for graduation, I have what may seem a strange bit of advice: Try to think less like an American. Don’t get me wrong. We all should have pride in the U.S. and its many achievements. But I’m not talking about nationalism – I’m talking about globalism. In […]