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A conversation on Ware2Go and other solutions to the most vexing small business problems.

Click here to listen to a conversation between small business expert, Steve Strauss, and Leo Schafer, CEO of PR Diamond Products.

There’s good news for small businesses: The playing field is leveling.

The e-commerce boom – no doubt, the biggest game changer in recent years – has opened a world of opportunity for businesses of all sizes. Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) can now sell to more customers in more geographies and turn their local startups into global, 24-7 operations.

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Ware2Go solves two major pain points: efficient warehousing and speed to market.

But here’s the bad news: These vast opportunities bring bigger expectations. End customers want what they want when they want it, and a great product alone no longer differentiates a brand.

The product has to arrive when and how the customer wants it, and in most cases, that means two-day shipping – a tall order for a small business.

The best of both worlds is when larger companies create tools that help smaller businesses succeed, says small business guru and USA Today columnist, Steve Strauss. And that’s what UPS has done with Ware2Go, a new company that provides on-demand warehousing and fulfillment services to SMBs selling online to other businesses.

A win-win

Ware2Go solves two major pain points: efficient warehousing and speed to market. A small business on one coast needing warehouse space on the other coast can now find and secure it.

And warehouses with extra space can now find new customers out of state or out of their region. Ware2Go’s cloud-based platform does all the recruiting, vetting, matching and payment processing and offers customers two-day shipping via UPS – a win-win for both.

According to Strauss, Ware2Go’s platform is quite transformational. Leo Schafer, CEO of PR Diamond Products, a Las-Vegas based diamond blade and core bit company, agrees. He was an early customer of Ware2Go because it helped his company acquire warehouse space in the Eastern United States, allowing his business to cut shipping times dramatically.

In the following conversation [above], Strauss and Schafer discuss Ware2Go and other major trends in the small business space.

Top photo: Leo Schafer, CEO of PR Diamond Products, uses a diamond blade, which makes cutting jobs highly profitable, effective and efficient.

Steve Strauss is a best-selling author, USA TODAY small business columnist, spokesperson and global speaker.

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