Introducing: TED@UPS

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UPS runs on big ideas. As UPSers can attest, those ideas make up the brown blood that flows through our veins – we know that big ideas can change the world.

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We know that big ideas can change the world.

That’s why TED@UPS, a one-day-only event focused on the destination and journey of ideas, is so fitting. It’s a day meant to showcase some of the best and brightest of our 435,000 employees. If there’s one thing that separates UPSers from the pack, it’s how we tackle challenges with innovative solutions – we’re constructively dissatisfied.

The stories you’ll hear, which share the theme of “Think. Solve. Do.,” might inspire you to look at the world through an entirely new lens.

You’ll learn how to make your dreams happen, even when original plans crumble, how people, not checkbooks, are the greatest philanthropic tools and how the best person for the job is sometimes the last person you would ever consider.

subOur speakers will make you think. They could move you to tears. Oh yeah, they’ll sing and dance, too.

We will be live blogging the event September 2 here on Longitudes. Be sure to mark your calendar so you don’t miss a beat.

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Our Speakers:


Alan Amling, VP Marketing, Global Logistics & Distribution at UPS.

As the VP of Global Logistics and Marketing, Alan oversees marketing efforts for UPS’s global logistics and distribution services.

Alan will talk about the next phase of the information superhighway and the future of logistics.

Learn more about Alan.




Esther Ndichu, Director of UPS’s Humanitarian Engineering function.

Esther is responsible for the UPS Foundation’s global humanitarian engagements, where she manages solutions, operations, and support resources for external partners as they prepare for and respond to disasters.

Esther will talk about how hunger isn’t a scarcity issue but rather a logistics issue.

Learn more about Esther.




Yami Joshi, an Organizational Development Specialist at UPS. She will be performing with her Indian Fusion dance troupe, Pulse.

Yami is an organizational development specialist at UPS, where she develops and implements organizational strategies to improve the employee experience.

Yami will be dancing with her co-ed classical dance team, Pulse. Their motto is “Dance Hard, Destroy the Floor.”

Learn more about Yami.




Kevin Etter, UPS Manager currently on loan to GAVI (the vaccine alliance).

A seasoned logistics executive, Kevin has spent 32 years in positions at UPS that range from healthcare strategy to industrial engineering. These years of varied expertise are now on loan to GAVI, a non-profit that increases global access to vaccines, where Etter has been a temporary executive for 18 months.

Kevin will talk about how and why companies should share their most valuable assets, people, with charitable organizations.

Learn more about Kevin.




Scott Swazst, UPS Marketing Director.

With a palpable passion for the unpredictability of global trade, Scott has spent the last 25 years supporting international transportation. Today, he is a marketing director for UPS, where he works closely with companies expanding into new markets to understand the particular needs of growing organizations and to develop the solutions to support them.

Scott will talk about the power of export in a largely domestic economy.

Learn more about Scott.




Johnny Staats, UPS Driver and world-class mandolin player.

During the day, Johnny is a UPS driver. At all other times, he is a world-class bluegrass mandolin, guitar, and violin player.

Johnny will bring his talents to the stage alongside Dave Vaughn.

Learn more about Johnny.




Regina Hartley, Human Resources Manager at UPS.

Throughout her 25 years at UPS, she has worked in talent acquisition, succession planning, learning and development, employee relations, and communications. Today, Regina is a human resources director for UPS Information Services, and makes human connections with employees immersed in technology.

Regina will talk about the value of hiring qualified job candidates who also have faced adversity.

Learn more about Regina.




Peter Harris, UPS’s Director of Sustainability for Europe.

As the director of sustainability for UPS’s businesses in Europe, Peter ensures that UPS innovates in a way that allows the risks associated with societal challenges, like climate change, to turn into opportunities.

Peter will talk about how the trash we produce could fuel the machines that transport our critical goods.

Learn more about Peter.




Mark Modesti, Sales Executive at UPS.

29 years ago, Mark was a driver at UPS. Today, he uses 29 years of expertise from working within UPS’s walls to improve supply chains within other companies.

Mark will talk about the importance of putting space between problems and solutions.

Learn more about Mark. 




Jack Levis, Senior Director of Process Management at UPS.

As the senior director of process management at UPS, Jack considers how a massive company can use radical technologies to improve how it runs on a grand scale. He led the development of ORION, an optimized routing system that has been called the world’s largest operation research project.

Jack will talk about how to lead innovation in places that resist radical transformation.

Learn more about Jack.





Kelly Lepley, UPS Pilot.

With a steadfast commitment to a single path that is rarely seen, Kelly has grown from pointing at pictures of airplanes in every book she could find to flying one of the largest cargo planes that UPS holds

Kelly will talk about what it’s like to make one dream come true while another dream crumbles around you.

Learn more about Kelly.




Laura Lane, President of Global Public Affairs at UPS.

Laura currently serves as president of global public affairs for UPS. Prior to joining UPS, Laura was the head of international government affairs at Citigroup and VP for global public policy with Time Warner.She was also a diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service and led the evacuation effort of American citizens in April 1994 with the outbreak of civil war.

Laura will talk about life lessons she learned from evacuating more than 200 Americans during the Rwandan genocide.

Learn more about Laura.




Jared Hill, UPS Pilot.

Jared currently flies the MD-11 for UPS, for which he received the “Aircrew of the Year” award in 2014. But outside of work, his passions lie with a group of orphans at Restoration Gateway in Northern Uganda, where he recently taught math to grades three through six and now sits on their Board of Directors.

Jared will talk about  how we can turn the no’s we often tell ourselves into yes’s.

Learn more about Jared.


TED@UPS If there’s one thing every UPSer has in common, it’s that we have an irresistible desire to figure it out and get it done. And that leads to some amazing ideas. TED@UPS explores both the destination and the journey of ideas – big and small – that inspire us, challenge how we think or feel and even change the world.

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