PODCAST: “It’s a Patient, Not a Package”


In no other industry is having what you need when you need it more important, none-the-less many of us will be surprised at what level logistics organizations can play a part in healthcare delivery.

It goes beyond just getting implants, medications, tests and other necessary healthcare components where they need to be.  They must be “handled with care” to the extreme.  From “chain of custody” to “cryogenic” technologies, how these healthcare-related packages arrive matters.

Robin Hooker joined Healthcare Tech Talk in December to discuss how UPS implements its “It’s a patient, not a package” philosophy. goldbrown2


Robin Hooker is UPS Director of Healthcare Sector Marketing. He is responsible for developing and executing UPS’s healthcare marketing strategy to serve the unique logistics needs of the healthcare sector, focusing on creating special capabilities and solutions that bring value to the healthcare supply chain.

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