TED@UPS Video Intro: Mario Paluzzi

How could addressing the unaddressable help developing countries leapfrog developed nations into the most effective logistics system yet?

The best way to describe me is I’m a very curious person.

All of my hobbies and passions revolve around this curiosity I have. I’m Curious George – the human.

Watch Mario talk about his TED@UPS experience.

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We need to throw out the blueprints of the past and create something better, helping the world while doing it.

I love meeting new people, trying new foods, making new friends, seeing new places and anything that can teach me something new.

My talk is about how in the US we have this amazing shipping system that has evolved over the last century. But with the insight we have today, wouldn’t we do things differently and put the emphasis more on technology and sustainability?

Maybe the blank slate infrastructure in many developing countries offers the best chance to do just that.

I’m passionate about this topic because my entire life I’ve always questioned how the simple things around us define our impact on the world.

I believe if we were just even a bit more curious sometimes, we would find ways to greatly improve the world around us.

I think this topic will help us understand how we can help set up other countries that are developing and give them the upper hand to really make an global impact.

If we setup the developing world with a better foundation than we have, maybe in the future we can learn from their experiences.

The student becomes the teacher!

I’ve been an avid fan of TED talks for a while now. The experience has been interesting and humbling.

I hope whoever sees my talk understands that we aren’t perfect. We can always improve everything. And we can always end up with something better if we constantly expand upon what we know and reassess where we are.

We need to throw out the blueprints of the past and create something better, helping the world while doing it.

Mario Paluzzi, Senior Manager of Integration and Automation at Coyote Logistics, Last-Mile Maven

Mario PaluzziMario Paluzzi invents solutions to the shipping industry’s most head-scratching challenges.

As the senior manager of integration and automation at Coyote Logistics, he oversees the development of technology that underpins a more efficient and connected world.

Recently, he helped launch a mobile app for drivers and an online web portal for customers and carriers.

The Detroit native graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in advertising.

He worked in digital media for a global car manufacturer before finding his happy place at Coyote. Paluzzi lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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