Nonstop Adaptation

Reinvention is a must for any company looking to get ahead in today’s marketplace.

When people ask me where I work, the answer can sound complicated … but it’s really not.

I work at a fleet, travel and healthcare company. To put it more clearly, I work in payment solutions – in the fleet and travel and healthcare businesses.

It’s actually not all that different from those who work at UPS. Sure, UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company, but as UPSers can attest, it’s also a technology company that happens to move packages.

And as a global leader in corporate payment solutions, WEX happens to simplify how money is exchanged in the aforementioned industries, offering the most popular fleet cards in the United States – more than 90 percent of the nation’s retail fuel locations and more than 45,000 vehicle maintenance locations accept the cards.

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Each chapter is short, but our story keeps getting better.

However, that tells only part of the WEX story. Like UPS, WEX runs smoothly, but that’s only because of the ongoing combination of expertise and innovation. We’re constantly innovating – each chapter is short, but our story keeps getting better.

We’re just getting started

To backtrack, WEX started in the fleet space. But as we listened to our customers and found opportunity, we knew we had to evolve. That’s why we expanded into new industries and different markets, tackling complex challenges and unmet needs throughout the world.

Our technology now helps businesses enable purchasing behavior, simplifying business transactions in much the same way technology has simplified our personal lives. That innovation circles back into our business. It establishes the culture …

And we’re just getting started.

That’s one of the most popular sayings at WEX, a phrase that demonstrates why the company has changed so dramatically in such a short amount of time.

After 12 years at WEX, the company bears little resemblance to when I started (that’s a good thing). And more change is coming. We have partnered with many reputable companies in fleet, travel and healthcare, and now we have our eye on the next prize: new spaces to play in. But let’s discuss what we look for in a partner first.

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We partner with UPS because our companies share ideological similarities, especially flexibility.

Values and partners

One of the main reasons we partner with UPS is that our companies share ideological similarities, especially flexibility. There are also many parallels between UPS’s origin story and WEX’s transformation today.

When the telephone became a fixture in almost every household and business, for instance, UPS founder Jim Casey changed his business model, bought a fleet of trucks and began making deliveries for big department stores.

With the growth of the automobile after World War II, however, people could simply pick up what they needed. They weren’t as reliant on home deliveries. So, Jim changed the business model once again. He focused on handling shipments from one business to another, a decision that led to the rise of one of the world’s largest logistics and transportation companies.

We all know the UPS of today – in the age of e-commerce – is vastly different from yesteryears. Without that willingness to innovate, would UPS be what it is today? Probably not.

Rigid flexibility

A steadfast commitment to change almost sounds counterintuitive at first, but I’ve found that such an approach fuels growth. It keeps you alert, keeps you from resting on your laurels and best positions you for new opportunities today and on the horizon.

From our headquarters in South Portland, Maine, to Sao Paulo, London, Rome, Singapore, Melbourne and beyond, WEX is now leading the way in business payment processing and information management and virtual payment solutions, helping companies across a spectrum of industries.

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Leadership is the key, but teamwork is the driving force.

Since its founding in 1983, WEX has grown to serve millions of people around the world – and this year we became a billion-dollar company. Our passion for continuous innovation and service is unparalleled in our industry – or put more accurately, in our industries.

With more than 2,000 associates in the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia, we give our customers greater control over their business, resulting in smarter decisions, lower operating costs, higher efficiency and greater customer satisfaction.

None of this would have been possible without leadership receptive to change and enthusiastic employees committed to getting better every day. It would have been easy to stay in our lane, but we wanted to set our sights higher … much higher. Leadership is the key, but teamwork is the driving force.

If my time at WEX has taught me anything, it’s that you owe it to your employees and your customers to be at the forefront of innovation. If you ever get too comfortable, you’ll fall behind.

At WEX, we’re far from content, always striving to discover the next efficiency, the next technology and the next solution. With this mindset, there is no limit to what we can achieve. And we’re just getting started. goldbrown2

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Jay Collins serves as senior vice president and general manager of Small Fleet for WEX, where he is responsible for the company's flagship small fleet business, which includes the universal and co-branded partner card offerings.

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