Our Best 2018 E-Commerce Articles

A year-end look at the top e-commerce content from Longitudes.

Navigating the choppy waters of digital commerce is arguably the greatest opportunity – and challenge – for businesses of all sizes today.

That’s because e-commerce levels the playing field, allowing resourceful entrepreneurs to plug into global supply chains with unprecedented ease.

But where do you begin? And how do you avoid the pitfalls that have proven too daunting for countless organizations unprepared for the speed at which business fortunes rise and fall?

We’ll address those conundrums on Longitudes today with our list of the best e-commerce content from 2018.

We’ll take a look at the e-commerce world through the eyes of a small business owner, highlight the rise of online opportunities in Latin America and get seasonal advice for handling returns during the holidays.

How does this shift affect consumer expectations? And what about protecting our online data?

For those answers and more, check out today’s collection of e-commerce articles.

In a global digital economy, size doesn’t matter. But for small businesses trying to mark their territory in e-commerce, the race can still feel like an uphill battle.

So, what’s a two-people-selling-tiny-rock-gardens-out-of-your-garage business to do? New innovations make it easier for small businesses to launch, manage and dominate in the world of e-commerce. Read more 

In today’s interconnected world, keeping our personal data private can seem nearly impossible. We’re often forced to give away our personal information to get the services we desire, especially when it comes to e-commerce.

UPS’s Derek Banta wants us to look at our privacy online through a new prism. If our house was broken into, he says, we would do something to prevent it from happening again. So why don’t we do the same with a digital break-in? Read more

Brazil’s fast-growing e-commerce market looks like a huge opportunity for retailers. Simply put, Brazilians have embraced online shopping with their well-known zest and inimitability.

This sounds great, but Brazil’s marketplace has regulatory peculiarities and policy obstacles that add costs and time to digital trade and can trip up retailers who samba into the country without doing their homework. Read more

For decades, the retail model worked: Open a store and consumers will come. Put a brand name or a logo on the item, and consumers will pay more.

But then two seemingly unconnected events shook up this long-trusted model. Read more

The season of holiday shopping is here, and retailers are preparing for record traffic, excited shoppers and peak sales.

But are they accounting for the associated influx of returns? Read more

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Brian Hughes is Managing Editor of Longitudes and co-host of Longitudes Radio.

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