Our Best 2018 Manufacturing Articles

A year-end look at the top manufacturing content from Longitudes.

The digital and physical worlds are colliding in what we now call the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

As UPS’s Alan Amling points out, what’s happening under the surface to bring any product to your door is undergoing a massive transformation that will forever change companies, industries and countries.

The rise of makerspaces, additive manufacturing and apprenticeships is fueling this democratization of manufacturing. In other words, people now have the ability to build their own future.

Read our favorite 2018 manufacturing stories about leaders doing just that.

Additive manufacturing will forever shift the concept of supply and demand, moving businesses and consumers from a mindset of “best fit” to “my fit.”

You don’t need to be a 3D printing enthusiast to read the tea leaves on the technology. It’s where the world is heading. Read more

Small business owners Joel and Justin Johnson want you to build more stuff.

The Pittsburgh-based brothers have formed their business on a simple premise: Just about anyone can make virtually anything from almost anywhere. Read more

The global labor market has evolved, and regardless of the cause of this shift, we need realistic solutions to help the workforce adapt.

A possible solution? How about something championed by employers, educators and policymakers alike? Read more

Growing up tinkering in his father’s workshop, UPS’s Robin Hooker always had a space to reimagine the world – to modulate, mashup, remix and repair things.

As an adult, he wants a place where inventors and hobbyists alike can collaborate, accelerate innovation and build community with magical results. Read more

The fourth modality of transportation is on the fast track, especially for logistics companies that are ready to seize it.

If you recognize the need for change, consider looking at your operations to see if additive manufacturing and on-demand supply chains will deliver value to your bottom line. Read more

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