Our Best 2018 Tech and Innovation Articles

A year-end look at the top technology and innovation content from Longitudes.

Leaps in technology, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and blockchain, took center stage in 2018.

And while companies like UPS explored the new frontiers made possible by those innovations, such progress presents only half the picture.

To truly tap into the promise of technological advancements, we need similar growth in how we think – more specifically, in how we solve problems.

Enter thought leaders like Tim Brown. Brown, the CEO and President of IDEO, is leading the charge into a world shaped by design thinking: a world not distracted by the next shiny object but committed to pairing innovations with actual needs.

The stories like Brown’s, outlined below, remind us of the potential of technology and human innovation working in tandem to make the impossible possible.

As a leading influencer of the design thinking movement, Tim Brown encourages companies to solve problems primarily through the lens of what people need. In other words, Tim wants us all to think more like designers.

As Tim points out, a great idea doesn’t mean a whole lot … unless you’re able to put it into action – and meet an actual need. Ultimately, that’s what design thinking is all about. Read more

Leveraging the power of digital technology doesn’t require massive investments. Ultimately, the technologies that matter are already all around us: mobile and cloud computing, social media and data analytics.

Organizations that can leverage the power of these platforms to improve internal processes and the customer experience can raise their digital game. Read more 

If technology is the engine that powers UPS’s transformation, then data and analytics are the fuel.

Right now, the UPS Global Smart Logistics Network is getting even smarter as we launch UPSNav, a new data-driven navigation tool that features turn-by-turn directions for our package delivery drivers. This will further reduce miles driven, fuel consumed and carbon emissions while empowering the company to provide better service to its customers. Read more 

Since launching as a message delivery business more than a century ago, UPS has transformed multiple times, much like a software update designed to woo and delight customers.

Taking a page out of our founders’ playbook, our latest update centers around buyer satisfaction, seller collaboration and internal orchestration – but with a modern twist. Read more 

The most creative people are more open to new possibilities. This is especially important to startups and small business owners looking to leave their mark in a world defined by trailblazers.

So how do you condition yourself to think more creatively? Here are five ways to boost creative thought. Read more 

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