Our Top 5 Manufacturing Articles of 2017

A year-end look at the best manufacturing content from Longitudes.

In Part 2 of our five-part white paper series, Routes to the Futurewe argued that the way we make the world around us – how we design, produce, deliver and reclaim the objects of everyday life – will follow new routes.

We are trekking down many of these routes today but have just scratched the surface of where such journeys will take us.

That’s why we’ve devoted so much attention in 2017 to the world of manufacturing. In coming years, our ability to manufacture the world we want, tailoring it to our exact specifications, will change how and where we manufacture what we need, how we track what we make and how we close the cycle of material use and reclamation.

But more specifically, what trends are driving Industry 4.0? How is big data overhauling high-tech supply chains? And what lessons can manufacturers learn from recently disrupted retailers?

The manufacturing list below closes out our 2017 “best-of” series. In recent days, we unveiled our best content devoted to technology, leadership, retail and sustainability.

The Industrial Revolution we’re experiencing now, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0, is powered by smart manufacturing, robotics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. In addition to prompting companies to invest $267 billion in IoT by 2020, Industry 4.0 will revolutionize five major aspects of manufacturing that could affect your business. Read more


High tech is changing the logistics industry, forcing supply chains to adapt quickly.  A UPS executive and an MIT professor make sense of the big-data movement. Read more


As they enter their prime professional years, millennials are making up the fastest growing demographic in the world’s workplaces. Members of this tech-savvy, price-conscious, status quo-questioning generation are upending the industries where they work. Find out why the industrial distribution and manufacturing supply sector is not immune to this shift. Read more


Everything tells a story … even a cardboard box. In this article, New York Times best-selling author Mary Roach explores the complexities and nuances that come with deciphering the codes and images on cardboard boxes. She chats with a UPS package engineer to get the answers. Read more


We’re bullish on 3D printing because we believe it’s the future of manufacturing. But that’s just the beginning. In fact, we’re heading toward a 4D-printed world. It is a world beyond the Internet of Things. It is a world of limitless possibility. But how will we get there? Read more



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