Podcast: Living Longer and Better

Tapping into the Longevity Economy: Part II.

Invent life tomorrow. That’s the central mission for Joe Coughlin of MIT’s AgeLab, who says we all need to rethink everything about how to serve adults living longer and longer. Nowhere is this calling more pressing than in healthcare, where people are reimagining the “doctor’s office,” increasingly turning to care from the comfort of their […]

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Podcast: Redefining Healthcare, What Is Old?

Tapping into the Longevity Economy: Part I.

As people around the world live longer and healthier lives, how will companies adjust their strategies to delight aging customers who carry more purchasing power than ever before? Not enough business leaders have the answer to that question, argues Joe Coughlin, Director of MIT’s AgeLab, a multidisciplinary research program that works to improve the quality […]

3 Changes for Women and Business in 2019

To accelerate the pace of change in workplace gender equality, business can implement and scale solutions to reach more women.

We celebrate International Women’s Day this year, as ever, with the launch of a wealth of new initiatives and commitments from companies, governments and civil society organizations. And yet, the pace of change is still too slow. The most recent World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap report found that it will take another 200 years […]

Tech Must Embrace Teamwork to Transform the World

When working to solve worldwide problems, we must first act locally and then scale those solutions globally.

Despite the proliferation of technology once only dreamed of in science fiction movies, our world still faces age-old problems – from poverty and hunger to pollution and diseases. In fact, 1.2 billion people have no access to electricity, and more than 3 billion people live in poverty on less than $2.50 a day. On top of that, one in […]

A Breakthrough Moment for Women in Global Trade

If we’re serious about inclusion, we must help more women take their business global.

More than 1 million people celebrated the first large-scale International Women’s Day event in 1911, when citizens across Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland gathered to mark social, economic, cultural and political progress for women. Flash forward more than a century, and now there are nearly 10 million women-owned small businesses, according to the International Trade […]