How Sierra Leone Is Using 3D Printing to Become a Model State

By combining 3D printing and complex data analytics, we can improve decision making in boardrooms and state houses around the world.

  The advent of 3D printing, like other Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, has broad and unexpected uses. This groundbreaking machinery creates objects layer by layer and can construct intricate patterns and structures previously impossible to manufacture. Globally, 3D printing, coupled with automation, has already affected how 21st-century manufacturing takes place across industries from aviation to […]

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How Corporations Can Better Work With Startups

Corporate venturing allows established companies to access forms of innovation that are difficult to produce internally.

One way that corporations spur innovation is by working with startups — through mechanisms such as corporate accelerators, venture builders and venture clients. Since 2013, the number of corporate investments in startups has nearly tripled from 980 in 2013 to 2,795 in 2018, and their value has risen from $19 to $180 billion, according to […]

Want to Help Veterans? Don’t Go It Alone

Why the most meaningful change, especially for veterans, is achieved as a team.

This Fourth of July, as Americans commemorate freedom and celebrate the people who help maintain it, you might wonder how best to honor those who served in the military. I’ve tackled this challenge from both sides, as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces and a leader at a large company committed to hiring veterans […]

The Green Power of Circular Cities of the World

It's clear that cities investing in green infrastructure become more circular and tackle several issues at once.

More than half of all people now live in cities, and projections show that two-thirds of the global population will do so by 2050. Many people living in small areas means large amounts of waste, high resource consumption and loads of energy use. We can combat these issues with the ideas behind the circular economy. […]

Rising to the Challenge of Entrepreneurship

If we close gaps for women business leaders, we will unlock untapped innovation and advance economic growth for all. 

Everyday women are building and running unicorn companies. Think: Sarah Blakely, founder and CEO of Spanx; Michelle Zatlynor, co-founder and COO of Cloudflare; or the two newly added unicorn companies, Glossier founded by CEO Emily Weiss and Rent the Runway co-founded by Jennifer Fleiss and Jennifer Hayman. While that’s not an exhaustive list, the new girls […]