Podcast: Blockchain and the Future of Money

What the game-changing technology means for the world of finance – and the world as we know it.
Barry Silbert | Digital Currency Group

We’re going back into our podcast vault to bring you one of the more interesting conversations in the history of Longitudes. This episode, recorded last year, features a thought-provoking discussion with Barry Silbert, the founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group. Silbert sees a future in which blockchain could disrupt and remove friction from supply […]

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The Best Way to Deal With Failure

How to ensure you don’t make the same mistake again.
Selin Malkoc | The Ohio State University

Failure is a part of life, and we make mistakes pretty much every day. How do we cope? Or better yet, how should we cope? Academics and the mainstream media tend to offer a simple solution: Don’t let it get to you, and think about how things could have been worse. These self-protective thoughts usually […]

A Winning Formula for Freight Forwarding

In a changing world, we all share in a global learning experience.
Cindy Miller | UPS

The future is a popular place these days. Everybody wants to know what it looks like. Everybody wants to know the best way to prepare for it. Everybody wants to know how to get there first and with the right stuff. But getting it right has never been more difficult. Or as Yoda told Luke […]

Asia: The New Center of Gravity

Here are five takeaways on what rising connectivity means for Asia.
Jim O'Gara | UPS

As thought leader Parag Khanna reminds us, we’re living in an age of rising connectivity, which affects everything from highways to seaports to power lines and broadband cables. This is particularly relevant to Southeast Asian nations expected to account for a greater share of global economic growth. With a tip of the hat to Khanna, […]

You Don’t Find Your Purpose – You Build It

In the search for purpose, sources of meaning can and do change over time.
John Coleman | Harvard Business Review

We’re all looking for purpose. Most of us feel that we’ve never found it, we’ve lost it or in some way we’re falling short. What makes things more difficult is that we often carry some fundamental misconceptions about it. Challenging them is essential in developing a more rounded vision of purpose. Here are the most […]

Podcast: What Makes a Good Public Speaker?

A TED expert breaks down the art of powerful storytelling.

Bryn Freedman believes everyone has a story to tell, and as lead curator for the TED Institute, it’s her job to provide the tools speakers need to tell their stories with passion and authenticity. TED and UPS have joined forces for three straight years to showcase the best and brightest UPSers from around the world. […]

Profound Lessons From a Pro Wrestler

We should all find what makes us different and turn it up for the world to see.
Mike Kinney | UPS

Mike started wrestling professionally in high school, and his dad was his biggest fan. But after the sudden passing of his father, Mike felt lost and unsure of what to do. In his TED@UPS talk, Mike shares how a fellow wrestler gave him a life-changing lesson. His friend explained that the best wrestlers take their […]

5 Ways to Close the Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship

Research shows that female-owned businesses are as sustainable as those operated by men.

Despite a closing of the gender gap in labor force participation rates in OECD countries over the past 25 years, women continue to be underrepresented in entrepreneurship. A new report from the OECD and European Commission – the Missing Entrepreneurs 2017 – shows that in 2016, men were, on average, 1.7 times more likely to […]

Blockchain’s Garbage-In, Garbage-Out Challenge

How data integrity could shape the future of blockchain – and supply chains.
Ken Cottrill | MIT

Any information system is only as good as the quality of its data – the garbage-in, garbage-out conundrum. Blockchains are subject to this principle but even more so than conventional systems since the entries are unalterable. Is data integrity the Achilles heel of blockchain technology, especially in supply chain applications where countless entities scattered across multiple […]

Delivering on the Customer Mandate

Technology is giving businesses and consumers more of what they want: convenience, choice and control.
Juan Perez | UPS

Talking about Apple’s approach to innovation and technology, Steve Jobs once said: “You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards.” More than ever, that is true for companies like UPS. We know that our future is closely linked with the experience our customers have with our brand. That belief is behind recent […]

Protecting Our Food Supply

Let's dispel three myths about the food supply chain.
Karl Deily | Sealed Air

Today approximately 54 percent of the global population lives in an urban area, and the United Nations expects that by 2050, urban dwellers will make up two-thirds of the population. With the global rise of urbanization, we are becoming increasingly disconnected from our food sources. We know that in the United States, for example, food […]

Podcast: Network of the Future, Part IV

Managing big data is like a conductor leading an orchestra. When done well, it creates complete synchronization.
John Dodero | UPS

John Dodero was working with big data before we even called it big data. So the UPS vice president of industrial engineering is the perfect guest to wrap up our Network of the Future series. John will take us behind the scenes of the journey of a package – through each and every package scan […]

What Happens to Mental Health When Our Devices Know How We Feel?

Workplace analytics may ultimately be used to better anticipate or cope with mental health challenges.

Stressed? Depressed? Overwhelmed? The cognitive and emotional demands on managers have rarely been more complicated or intense, and protecting a person’s mental health has become a self-preservation priority. Our smartphones seem to be ideally placed to help. In fact, our personal devices will likely become increasingly important tools to diagnose and manage our mental wellness. […]

Counterintuitive Innovation

Here are some lessons from a former Air Force pilot on outside-the-box thinking.
Jeff Kozak | UPS

Former Air Force Col. Jeff Kozak recently joined UPS’s fuel team to launch a new fuel efficiency application. In that role, Jeff must often expect the unexpected and trust his intuition. The pursuit of constant improvement has taught Jeff that even the slightest of tweaks can have massive results. Jeff takes the stage at TED@UPS […]

Cognitive Computing Redefines Vehicle Safety

The auto industry is transforming the driver and passenger experience.
Ben Stanley | IBM

My first car was a ’65 Chevy Impala, which I bought from my uncle. The engine was in bad shape so within the first week, I swapped it out with one I bought from the local junkyard. It was a pretty simple car – manual transmission, manual windows and locks, no air and an AM/FM […]

Think Global Production and Supply Chains Are Shrinking? Think Again.

Disregard the talk about the end of globalization – it’s just getting started.
Parag Khanna | Bestselling Author

There’s an idea gaining credence in some circles that we’ve reached “peak globalization.” If the advocates of this view are right, worldwide trade volumes – which enjoyed unprecedented growth but then stalled out somewhere around 2012, according to the IMF – are heading for a period of long-term structural decline. The retreat, these trade pessimists […]

Uniting Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a contact sport. But this expert has some tips for aspiring business owners.
Victoria Lennox | Startup Canada

Victoria Lennox is the co-founder of Startup Canada, an organization established in 2012 to provide support to entrepreneurs in Canada and beyond. Their goal is to create an environment and culture for entrepreneurs to succeed. The organization uses grassroots startup communities to connect mentors, investors, service providers and other entrepreneurs. Longitudes caught up with Victoria […]

Podcast: Network of the Future, Part III

Here’s how companies of all sizes could benefit from thinking like a startup.

What does it really mean to think like a startup? Rimas Kapeskas tackles that question in the third episode of Longitudes Radio’s Network of the Future series. Rimas manages the UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, a corporate venture capital group always on the lookout for the next big idea. Rimas is a firm believer in the […]

IoT in Manufacturing: Voices From the Field

How the Internet of Things is changing the way manufacturers work.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a transformative movement in technology, particularly in manufacturing. IoT in manufacturing applies the concept of connected devices to power smart manufacturing. To find out how IoT is affecting manufacturing organizations, we interviewed several industry leaders who see how IoT is changing their operations – and how they are preparing […]

Making Work More Human

Can an automated world help us rediscover what it means to be human?
David Lee | UPS

It’s near certain that some, if not all, of your work will be done by a robot or software in the next few years. David Lee believes that if humans don’t take an active role in responding to this change, we’re almost certain to be living a future that is robotic, largely unemployed and … […]

Globalization Is Alive and Kicking

We are still moving toward – and not away from – a truly global economy.
Peter Holmes | University of Sussex

Michael Gasiorek | University of Sussex

It’s commonplace to emphasize that we are now in a new era of globalization, marked by the rise in the importance of emerging economies. But what does this really mean? Richard Baldwin, author of The Great Convergence, argues that what is new is the combination of northern technology and southern labor. But he adds that […]

Building Up Your Cyber Defenses

Are you equipped to handle unprecedented cyberattacks? Here’s how to assess your readiness.
Dave Zamsky | UPS

Cybersecurity breaches and cybercrime create some of the most pervasive problems in our digital age, and recent headlines remind us that even the largest, most secure organizations can become victims. The Equifax data breach prompted millions of Americans to think more seriously about cybersecurity, assess their vulnerability and question how to protect their finances – […]

4 Innovations to Build Thriving Cities

We can create a core framework for innovative solutions to complex urban problems.
Alice Charles | World Economic Forum

Economic, social and creative opportunities draw people to cities in this increasingly urban world. Today, 54 percent of the global population lives in cities and with another 3 million people per week moving to urban centers, the U.N. estimates two-thirds of the global population will live in cities by 2050. This trend is particularly evident in Africa […]

Healing Art

A life without art is a life without awe, which is no life at all.

To Jennifer Allison, art isn’t just a hobby or career. It really isn’t even a choice. To her, art is like air: She needs it to survive. Jennifer has sensory processing disorder. That means sounds, textures and visual details are over-amplified, with equal levels of intensity. This disorder used to make her feel out of […]

Podcast: Network of the Future, Part II

Rather than improving an isolated step in the supply chain, analytics will upgrade the entire transportation system.
Jack Levis | UPS

Some companies are good at using data to tell them what’s already happened. Others tap into data to predict what might happen next. But what if you could harness data for true clairvoyance – the ability to act on a problem before it even exists? Jack Levis was part of the team that designed ORION, […]

For Better Brainstorming, Tell an Embarrassing Story

Candor leads to greater creativity. Take a stab at self-deprecation.
Leigh Thompson | Northwestern University

It was Alex Osborn, a 1960s advertising executive, who coined the term brainstorming. He passionately believed in the ability of teams to generate brilliant ideas, provided they follow four rules: Members should share any idea that comes to mind. Build on the ideas of others. Avoid criticism. And most notably, strive for quantity not quality. Subsequent scientific […]

Shining a Light on Human Trafficking

How a truck driver learned to see and save people on America's highways.
John McKown | UPS

As a small-town police officer, John McKown dealt with his share of prostitution cases. But after he left the force and became a truck driver, he faced prostitution in a new light – at truck stops. In his TED@UPS talk, John describes how he encountered a young, tattered-looking girl forced to work as a prostitute at the truck […]

Eyes in the Sky for Disaster Assessment

Drones and other visual intelligence can dramatically bolster recovery efforts following natural disasters.
Bev Adams | Guy Carpenter

Duncan Ellis | Marsh

In the wake of flood, surge and wind damage from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, access to numerous residential, commercial and industrial properties was limited for days, even weeks. Learn more about UPS’s efforts to help Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria. Many property owners struggled to safely assess the physical and economic losses. Such access […]

Podcast: Network of the Future, Part I

Artificial intelligence is changing the face – and voice – of business. But how will AI disrupt the movement of goods around the world?
Derek Banta | UPS

Katie Duffy | UPS

By 2020, we’ll have more conversations with bots than our own spouses. With the growth of artificial intelligence, the line between human and machine is getting so blurry you might not even know you’re talking to a bot. Sounds scary, right? Well, putting aside pop culture fears, this is where the world is heading. And […]

Introducing Longitudes Radio

Brian Hughes | UPS Longitudes

James Rowe | UPS Longitudes

What will the future look like and how could it affect your life? Hosts Brian Hughes and James Rowe have a pretty good idea, or at least they know the industry leaders and innovators who have a clearer picture. In this kickoff episode, they will discuss the big ideas coming to Longitudes Radio. Subscribe so […]