The New Logistics Economy

The “new” logistics economy sometimes overshadows methods that are more traditional. There’s room for both.

It was four decades ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. My first job out of college was as a cost analyst for a manufacturing company, barely putting my economic degree to use by costing out bills of material. Little did I know these costing projects were an audition to become the company’s […]

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How Global Tech Can Drive Local Healthcare Innovation in China

Technological innovation paired with local business models can improve care for all.

With an aging population rapidly increasing the rate of disease, China’s healthcare system is ripe for innovation. From established corporations to fledgling startups, all recognize the potential for digital technologies, such as telehealth and artificial intelligence, to alleviate China’s overstretched healthcare professionals and help provide better care. In fact, the 2019 Future Health Index from Philips, which surveyed […]

How to Keep Employees Connected to Customers

Developing an understanding of your customer to build a successful product or business model is not just a data crunching game. Quantitative market research and analytics are important and useful, of course. But when it comes to identifying breakthrough ideas, individual customer experiences can be uniquely powerful. Responsibility for acquiring qualitative customer insights is often […]

Building a Modest Empire in the Middle East

A self-taught designer made swimwear for women to keep cool and covered in the sun. Now her business is taking off.

When Maureen Hall moved from Ottawa, Canada, to Dubai in 2000, she went from bundling up in cold weather to covering up in the scorching sun. She and her family needed to protect their fair skin from powerful UV rays. They also needed modestly designed swimwear in line with the religious and cultural norms of […]

Risk Management for Changing Times

Why you need to address risk like a farmer.

When I was a little girl, I spent several summers farming with my grandparents. They were often worried about the weather and planning ahead to get the most out of their crops. They focused on each and every aspect of what their customers wanted, anything that could affect their ability to deliver what they promised. […]