Podcast: The Power of Simplicity

Less cost, fewer resources, more impact. Consumers want frugal solutions. Does business?

Navi Radjou | Innovation Advisor

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Every year, millions of babies are born premature around the world.

Thousands perish because they lack access to something as basic as an incubator.

With the average incubator costing $20,000, this life-saving device is beyond the reach of remote areas in developing countries.

That’s the kind of problem TED speaker and author Navi Radjou wants to solve.


Frugal Innovation: How to do More With Less

His outlook comes from living in difficult conditions. Frugality wasn’t a choice. It was a part of everyday life where he grew up in India.

In his book, Frugal Innovation: How to do More With Less (2015, The Economist), Navi describes the need for society to create nimbler, more cost-effective solutions to problems like incubators.

Earlier this fall, Navi spoke at the UPS Speaker Series event in Atlanta, Georgia about the obstacles and opportunities surrounding implementation of the frugal-innovation approach.

In an interview with Longitudes, Navi described a changing global landscape where consumers are pursuing a simpler, higher quality of life.

It makes us wonder: Are businesses adapting to this new wave of consumer thinking?

Check out the podcast and share your thoughts with us.goldbrown2


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Navi Radjou is an innovation advisor based in Silicon Valley. A TED speaker and recipient of the 2013 Thinkers50 Innovation Award, he is coauthor of Frugal Innovation: How To Do More With Less, published by The Economist in 2015.

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