Accelerating Patient-Inspired Logistics

Against the backdrop of the UPS Healthcare Forum, enjoy this two-part podcast on how logistics will fuel the patient care of tomorrow.

Editor’s note: As leaders gather in New Orleans, Louisiana, for the UPS Healthcare Forum, we wanted to revisit a fascinating conversation about the intersection between an aging global population, patient care and logistics.

Earlier this year we chatted with Joe Coughlin, Director of MIT’s AgeLab, a multidisciplinary research program that works to improve the quality of life for older people and those who care for them. Along with Chris Cassidy, UPS President of Healthcare and Life Sciences Strategy, we explored how businesses, especially logistics providers, can meet the needs of those living longer and healthier lives.

Both Cassidy and Coughlin will speak at the UPS Healthcare Forum this week, where they will share insights about how we can accelerate patient-inspired logistics.

Forum attendees — and those unable to join this year — can check out their two-part conversation below.

Part I : Redefining Healthcare, What Is Old?

Click above to listen to Part I of the podcast.

As people around the world live longer and healthier lives, how will companies adjust their strategies to delight aging customers who carry more purchasing power than ever before?

Not enough business leaders have the answer to that question, argues Coughlin.

Senior leaders are gathering this week for the UPS Healthcare Forum. Click here to learn more about UPS’s healthcare offerings.

In this conversation, Coughlin examines the ripple effects of a global society transitioning from a mindset of sickness prevention to the pursuit of daily wellness.

Cassidy, who spearheads UPS’s efforts to innovate across the healthcare and life sciences sector by enhancing specialized end-to-end supply chain services, joins the chat to offer the company’s perspective.

He delves into the rise of telemedicine and what this means for the role of the delivery driver — and questions Coughlin about the most pressing changes across the industry.

They ponder the definition of “old,” dig into the delivery of a next-level healthcare experience and explore the future of retirement itself.

We’re all getting older. But we’re not settling for age-old solutions. Businesses must adapt to thrive in the longevity economy.

Part 2: Living Longer and Better

Click above to listen to Part II of the podcast.

Invent life tomorrow.

Nowhere is this calling more pressing than in healthcare, where people are reimagining the “doctor’s office,” increasingly turning to care from the comfort of their own home and getting tested before they get sick.

At the same time, the global outsourced healthcare logistics market will grow to $102 billion by 2021, fueled by soaring growth rates in Asia and the Middle East — eclipsing the uptick in the United States. This provides new opportunities for companies of all sizes looking to enter new markets.

That’s why UPS continues to expand its global footprint of healthcare distribution facilities and capabilities.

In part two of their conversation, Cassidy and Coughlin explore how care providers and patients are driving the need for a new brand of healthcare logistics — requiring an ecosystem of companies meeting not just needs but wants.

Coughlin dispels the three greatest myths about the aging population, as well as the greatest barriers for companies looking to serve those driving the longevity economy.

Inventing life tomorrow, Coughlin and Cassidy argue, is now more about delivering life-defining experiences than accruing stuff.

And it’s not just about living longer. Is your company prepared to help people live better?

Joe Coughlin is Director of the MIT AgeLab within MIT’s Center for Transportation & Logistics. He is a global expert on how changing demographics and technology affect behavior and business innovation. Fast Company Magazine called Coughlin one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business, and the Wall Street Journal said he is one of the 12 people changing how we think about retirement.

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Chris Cassidy is the UPS President of Healthcare & Life Sciences Strategy. He is charged with leading and advancing UPS’s commitment to the healthcare supply chain, a top company priority.

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