Podcast: Network of the Future, Part II

Rather than improving an isolated step in the supply chain, analytics will upgrade the entire transportation system.

Some companies are good at using data to tell them what’s already happened. Others tap into data to predict what might happen next. But what if you could harness data for true clairvoyance – the ability to act on a problem before it even exists?

Jack Levis was part of the team that designed ORION, proprietary routing software that helps UPS drivers select the most efficient delivery route in a given day. We’re talking about predictive skills that would make Sherlock Holmes jealous.

In the second episode of Longitudes Radio’s Network of the Future series, Jack explains how the big data revolution will sweep across the logistics landscape. He also tackles some misconceptions about data and how the most successful companies are utilizing such information.

Is it possible to become overly reliant on data? Where does human intuition come into play? And how do UPS drivers respond when ORION proposes a route that clashes with their personal experience?

As Jack explains, ORION is the brains behind the Network of the Future, bringing newfound innovation to the final mile of delivery at a time when companies are scrambling to solve the most vexing stage of a package’s journey.

Jack talks about his passion for data, the importance of weeding out bad data and even fields a fantasy baseball request – or two.

Jack Levis is Senior Director of Process Management at UPS.

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