Podcast: Network of the Future, Part III

Here’s how companies of all sizes could benefit from thinking like a startup.

What does it really mean to think like a startup?

Rimas Kapeskas tackles that question in the third episode of Longitudes Radio’s Network of the Future series.

Rimas manages the UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, a corporate venture capital group always on the lookout for the next big idea. Rimas is a firm believer in the startup mindset, an outlook that embraces new thinking, calculated risk-taking and inventive partnerships.

He addresses the difference between corporate venture capital and institutional venture capital, challenges big companies to make room for innovation and explains how this philosophy is powering the Network of the Future.

Rimas looks at cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing and explains how the seemingly counterintuitive UPS investment is a byproduct of the startup mindset.

How does Rimas identify potential partners? What makes a strong investment? And finally, what is a good batting average for somebody tasked with uncovering new opportunities for a large multinational corporation like UPS?

Rimas Kapeskas is the Managing Director of the UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund.

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