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Accelerating Patient-Inspired Logistics

Against the backdrop of the UPS Healthcare Forum, enjoy this two-part podcast on how logistics will fuel the patient care of tomorrow.

Editor’s note: As leaders gather in New Orleans, Louisiana, for the UPS Healthcare Forum, we wanted to revisit a fascinating conversation about the intersection between an aging global population, patient care and logistics. Earlier this year we chatted with Joe Coughlin, Director of MIT’s AgeLab, a multidisciplinary research program that works to improve the quality of […]

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Podcast: Living Longer and Better

Tapping into the Longevity Economy: Part II.

Invent life tomorrow. That’s the central mission for Joe Coughlin of MIT’s AgeLab, who says we all need to rethink everything about how to serve adults living longer and longer. Nowhere is this calling more pressing than in healthcare, where people are reimagining the “doctor’s office,” increasingly turning to care from the comfort of their […]

Podcast: Redefining Healthcare, What Is Old?

Tapping into the Longevity Economy: Part I.

As people around the world live longer and healthier lives, how will companies adjust their strategies to delight aging customers who carry more purchasing power than ever before? Not enough business leaders have the answer to that question, argues Joe Coughlin, Director of MIT’s AgeLab, a multidisciplinary research program that works to improve the quality […]

Podcast: Henry Kissinger’s Forecast on Global Headwinds

The former Secretary of State weighs in on the most pressing geopolitical, economic and technological trends of tomorrow.

We’re living in uncertain times. From Brexit to the rise of populism around the world, many are wondering what’s next for global institutions as we know them. What about the state of free trade and transatlantic cooperation? Where does Asia fit into the equation? And how do we account for technologies like artificial intelligence? Former […]

Podcast: Becoming a Business Chameleon

In these disruptive times, your business will grow only if you’re willing to adapt.

How we do business today isn’t how we’ll do business even a year from now. As a result of this whirlwind disruption, adaptability has become the most valuable currency in the world of business. Put another way: Successful leaders must think and act like a chameleon. In this episode of Longitudes Radio, a trio of […]