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Podcast: Nirvana in 3D

Additive manufacturing will forever shift the concept of supply and demand, moving businesses and consumers from a mindset of “best fit” to “my fit.”

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, allows us to imagine a world where we can make whatever we want whenever we want it. Long-hyped but not yet fully realized, the technology has the power to discard the old model of production, ushering in a new age of personalization that turns the notion of supply and demand […]

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Podcast: Passion Alone Is Not Enough

What are the pillars for small business growth today?

Starting your own business is hard – no, it’s really hard. Just ask the millions of aspiring small business owners whose “big idea” never made headway in the real world. It’s not that these entrepreneurs didn’t care or work hard enough, argues Gene Marks, a columnist, author and small business owner who writes for The […]

Podcast: Making Sense of Online Retail

Martin Newman on how to navigate choppy retail waters.

If you’re in the retail business, you’ve probably heard of Martin Newman. He’s founder and chairman of Practicology, a multi-channel and e-commerce consultancy group in the United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong. Whether it’s an issue with technology or design or a question about deploying data against the backdrop of choppy retail waters, Martin’s 30 years […]

Podcast: You Want to Return That Bad Gift … What’s Next?

Returning that ugly Christmas sweater isn’t as easy as you think.

Today’s online shopper wants what they want when they want it. But they also want to return whatever they want whenever they want. The problem? Too many companies focus on that first reality while ignoring the latter challenge, Toby Moore, co-founder and CEO of Optoro, argues. In this episode, the leader of the reverse logistics […]

Podcast: How Can Business Help Curb Congestion?

Moving Urban Logistics Forward, Part III

There are essentially two avenues to take when confronting logistics and transportation issues surrounding the cities of the future. The first one is conventional: Build a better mousetrap. Leg by leg along the supply chain – from manufacturer to consumer – you scour every resource and process with careful analysis to develop the most productive […]