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Smoothing the Path From Grape to Glass

As costs for wine shipments shrink, small wineries would benefit from pro-growth regulations and new logistics strategies.

Running a small winery may seem romantic – an endless parade of wine tastings and strolling through vineyards. At least, those are the images many of us have from movies and television. But as is the case with most things, the pictures don’t always match the reality. That’s especially the case for small wineries that […]

Three Industries Being Changed by the Internet of Things

How IoT is helping these industries enhance their bottom lines while bringing about social and economic change.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting prospects for today’s enterprises, as it has the potential to revolutionise everything from the way they operate and drive revenue to the types of goods, services and experiences they deliver. It is forcing businesses to rethink how they interact with the world around them […]

Technology-Powered Farming

As cities continue to grow, so does the need for sustainable farming practices.

As we consider the city of the future, we often think about the ways technology will make life easier and more interesting for urban dwellers. And while the prospect of optimized traffic flows, better use of energy and other resources, and new gadgets and sensors makes city life ever more convenient, we also must face […]

Farming, Unplugged

How mobile is becoming a staple in transformative farming

For farmers who lack convenient, reliable access to in-person or Internet-based services, mobile is giving them the power to do everything from staying connected to increasing crop production. Such mobile access is becoming especially important in countries like China that have vast rural populations and whose economic stability is directly linked to investments in agriculture. […]

Adapting Farming to an Era of Climate Change

Can sustainable agriculture achieve food security?

According to UN projections, the world’s population could reach 9.15 billion by 2050, creating a 60% increase in demand for food. At the same time, the IPCC predicts that global warming will reduce agricultural yield by 2% per decade, which would no doubt lead to farmland expansion. This would have a knock-on effect on already saturated supplies […]