Baby Boomers

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Can Boomers and Millennials Save America’s Start-up Engine?

The Kauffman Foundation’s Jason Wiens talks about how these two demographic groups will chart the future course of entrepreneurship.

Unemployment rates are dropping, consumer confidence is growing, and the economy is finally picking up steam. Yet there’s a soft spot in the nascent recovery: the rate of new business creation. Even before the onset of the Great Recession, reports the Kauffman Foundation, American entrepreneurship has been declining. But the Kauffman Foundation also argues that […]

The Demographics of Trade

Trade polls show different viewpoints between generations and political parties.

As Congress prepares to debate Trade Promotion Authority and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, how does the public react? Three major polls looked into the question last year – two by the Pew Research Center in February and September, and one by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in May. Pew found a public splitting by 55-25 […]