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The Future of Delivery

UPS’s latest drone test shows that the gap between vision and reality is closing.
Mark Wallace | UPS

Drone delivery is one of the hottest topics – if not the most heavily discussed – in transportation and logistics circles these days. People ask me all the time how drones might change the delivery landscape and what we’re doing to leverage another disruptive technology. There’s plenty of speculation out there about a future where […]

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3 Small Business Tax Filing Tips for 2017

Here’s why tax season doesn’t have to be a headache for smaller companies.
Ramon Ray | Smart Hustle Magazine

Once again we find ourselves in the middle of tax season, not exactly the most exciting time of year for a small business owner, but a financial responsibility nonetheless. With modified due dates and an administration change, 2017 is turning out to be a confusing year for small business tax filers. Here are a few […]

5G Communication

With 5G Technology, the Internet of (20.8 Billion) Things Will Be Realized

Today’s 4G cellular networks aren’t robust enough to handle tomorrow’s products and services.
Matt Alderton | Redshift

Consider this: A driverless car that transports you safely to work while you apply makeup in the backseat or a refrigerator that knows you’re out of milk and instantly orders a fresh gallon. Sounds good, right? How about a light bulb that automatically adjusts its brightness throughout the day, a t-shirt that calls 911 if […]


What It Will Take for Us to Trust AI

Our willingness to accept the unknown could benefit our future.
Guru Banavar | IBM

The early days of artificial intelligence (AI) have been met with some very public hand wringing. Well-respected technologists and business leaders have voiced their concerns over the (responsible) development of AI. And Hollywood’s appetite for dystopian AI narratives appears to be bottomless. This is not unusual, nor is it unreasonable. Change, technological or otherwise, always excites […]

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It’s Pedal to the Metal for Driverless Cars

Why drive yourself when a self-driving car could be a safer alternative?
William Messner | Tufts University

When a May 2016 crash killed the person operating a Tesla Model S driving in Autopilot mode, advocates of autonomous vehicles feared a slowdown in development of self-driving cars. Instead the opposite has occurred. In August, Ford publicly committed to field self-driving cars by 2021. In September, Uber began picking up passengers with self-driving cars […]

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How IoT Will Change Our Society

Find out how IoT will transform the economy, the workplace and transportation.
HPE Matter | HPE

Some call the Internet of Things (IoT) the Intelligence of Things or the Internet of Everything. By whatever name, futurists say it heralds the moment when sensor-driven data connects everything to everything else and artificial and human intelligence become a seamless whole — the planet and virtually everything in and on it transformed into a […]

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Book Excerpt: Thank You for Being Late

Bestselling author Thomas Friedman looks at UPS and the future of big data.
Thomas Friedman | The New York Times

Thomas Friedman, The New York Times columnist and author, is waiting at a downtown Washington, DC, restaurant, where he’ll repeat a normal ritual, combining an interview and breakfast. When his interview subject arrives, the man immediately begins to apologize for his tardiness. “No, please – don’t apologize,” Friedman interrupts, realizing that he had been enjoying […]

American truck delivery on time for 2017

Breaking Down Supply Chain and Logistics Trends in 2017

In a society surrounded by digital innovations, companies must stay ahead of the trends to survive.
Ludger Schuh | INFORM GmbH

“The digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword.” This was a fitting conclusion from Prof. Dr. Raimund Klinker at last year’s international logistics congress in Berlin. For several years now, processes (especially in logistics, but also in many other economic areas) have become more and more digitalized. This trend will continue for the next […]

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The Factories of the Past are Turning into the Data Centers of the Future

Here's how our data-rich lives will transform our physical and social landscapes.
Graham Pickren | Roosevelt University

We live in a data-driven world. From social media to smart cities to the Internet of things, we now generate huge volumes of information about nearly every detail of life. This has revolutionized everything from business to government to the pursuit of romance. We tend to focus our attention on what is new about the […]

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5 Industries That Will Be Completely Transformed by IoT

The true promise of IoT is massive connectivity across industries, but can it deliver?
Jennifer Alsever | Wired Brand Lab

Contrary to popular belief, the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is not just about your alarm clock knowing when you leave the house or your thermostat adjusting the heat upon your return. Yes, these technological advancements offer myriad possibilities, but IoT technology is so much more than a connected light bulb — it’s […]

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How Knowledge-Based Analytics Can Drive Drug Discovery

Knowledge and data analytics will fuel the next frontier in healthcare.
Louisa Roberts | IBM Watson Health

Data-driven analytics is far from a new concept in healthcare. From improving population health and disease management to advancing precision medicine initiatives, data-driven analytics have laid the foundation for more targeted care for decades. But in today’s information-overloaded environment, where the data is only as powerful as the insights generated from it, the key actually […]

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Industry Experts’ Top IoT Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

What experts from around the industry expect for IoT in the not-too-distant future.
HPE Matter | HPE

The number of connected devices is expanding at a faster pace than ever before, and it’s clear that the Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay. We spoke to top industry analysts and business leaders who shared their thoughts on where IoT is heading next year – and in the years to come. This article […]


The Digital Revolution is Creating New Opportunities for Leadership

A closer look at the shattering of old business models.
Savita Raina | SAP

Digitalization is the single most talked-about topic among business leaders at all tech and non-tech companies — including small, mid-sized and large companies, in all industries and all lines of businesses. Why? The reason is very simple: Digitalization is converging all technologies, from cloud-based IT, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) to Big Data. […]

Man in business wear renting a bike, Milan, Italy

Tracing Urban Movements with Urban Transport

Bike-sharing data will change the way you see cities around the world.
Rosamond Hutt | Formative Content

Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular means of urban transport, thanks in part to an explosion in bike-sharing schemes in cities around the world. These public bike-hire programs are generating a wealth of GPS tracking data that some city authorities have posted online. And now, researchers in Germany have found a clever use for some […]

Businessman pressing elevator button in office.

Hypergrowth is No Happy Accident

Companies with an annual growth rate of 40 percent or more operate in many sectors. What do these success stories share in common?
Thomas Philbeck | World Economic Forum

Kaj Työppönen | Ernst & Young

While the term hypergrowth was only coined recently, it is in increasingly common use thanks to the successes of headline-stealing companies such as Internet media giant BuzzFeed and taxi-hailing app Uber. In just a few short years, both of these businesses have totally disrupted and transformed the industries in which they operate. Uber, founded in […]


How Businesses and Governments Can Capitalize on Blockchain

Blockchain has the potential to transform not only the way commerce is done but the interplay between governments, businesses and citizens.
Jerry Cuomo | IBM

The emergent technology blockchain has been roiling the technology and financial services industries for months, and, now, people in other industries and government agencies are asking questions about it. I’m convinced that it has the potential to transform not only the way commerce is done but the interplay between governments, businesses and citizens. That’s why […]


How Technology Levels the Playing Field for the Blind

Guiding Eyes, along with IBM, uses information technology to give the best assistance possible.
Stephen Hamm | IBM

Ever since Thomas Panek learned at age 20 that he would lose his eyesight due to a condition called retinal degeneration, he vowed that his disability would not prevent him from living a full life. “I wanted to do everything that sighted people do,” he says. He has not let himself down: In addition to […]


How the Media and Entertainment Industries Are Changing Their Ideas About Data Storage

The media and entertainment industries have seen a dramatic increase in demand for data storage, especially flash.
Todd Wasserman | HPE Matter

If the entertainment industry gave awards for storage, then flash would be a shoo-in for best supporting actor. Flash technology is now in 66 percent of professional cameras, replacing magnetic tape and film. That’s quite a reversal from just six years ago when flash was just emerging as an alternative to spinning disks and many […]

House of cards

The Big Data Behind Netflix’s “House of Cards”

How Netflix uses viewing patterns to craft successful original programming just for you.
Paper Magazine | Paper Magazine

As one of the most engaging online destinations in the world, Netflix has access to an enormous amount of user data. When the company made the switch from DVD rental service to online streaming platform, its ability to track user insights grew exponentially. So, what do they do with all that data? They use it […]


The U.K. Tech Revolution

How 5 innovative U.K. startups are driving London's impressive enterprise tech scene.
Quartz Creative | Quartz Creative

Only five years ago, Berlin was poised to be the EU’s tech capital. But today, the scene is changing thanks to huge public and private efforts in the U.K. “In my humble opinion, London is the startup capital of Europe,” says Eileen Burbidge, founding partner at London VC firm Passion Capital and newly appointed chair of […]


4 Powerful Trends in Product Design

What will the factories of the future look like?
Steve Melito | FuzeHub

What will the factories of the future look like? Energy-efficient buildings and advanced production technologies are part of the plan, but what about product design and development? For technology futurist Jordan Brandt, four manufacturing trends will change how designers do their jobs. Is your company ready for meta materials, more powerful platforms, greater personalization and […]


What’s the Future of Wireless Tech?

New technology will change the way we dress, drive and live.
Michael Belfiore | GE Look Ahead

When Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California, in September, he showed off not just a new version of the company’s iPhone, the iPhone 6 and 6S, but also an entirely new device for Apple — the Apple Watch. The watch seeks to become a part of […]


How Technology and Big Data will Create a New Golden Age of Retail

Designers need to change their thinking. It's about what the data is telling you.
Matt Alderton | Redshift

Shopping used to be stimulating. Although its end was sales, its means was a mix of status and spectacle. It was social commerce in which partakers transacted not just cash, but also cachet. Nowhere was this more evident than in the earliest department stores, whose architects designed them to be destinations. In London, for instance, […]


Offset Cold Chain Complexities with Creativity

Pharmaceutical innovations aren’t slowing down, so why should smart logistics?
Wanis Kabbaj | UPS

In entertainment, late filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille once said, “Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.” The same can be said in healthcare about today’s 7 billion global healthcare consumers, who are living longer, have better access to quality care, and are demanding more choices, more convenience and better outcomes. It’s an evolving paradigm, […]


Understanding ALS with Big Data

New ways of analyzing patient data can help uncover patterns that can mean the world to those who are affected by this disease.
Neta Zach, PhD, MPA | Prize4Life

Each year, more than 5,600 Americans are diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also called Lou Gehrig’s Disease. This diagnosis usually prompts more questions from patients and family members about longevity and quality of life than what physicians can immediately answer. Unfortunately, the same is true for ALS research, which historically has been hindered by […]

Car Dashboard

A More Electrified Auto Supply Chain

Will your business help lead the transformation or get caught trying to catch the rest of the field?

In 1980, my dad thought it would be a great idea to load my mom and their three kids – all of us under the age of 13 – into the family’s 1976 Ford pickup to tour the Western United States. He spent weeks planning the route. So many hours to drive here, so many days to see Carlsbad […]

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The 10 Megatrends for Insuring Goods in Transit

Companies that consider these trends when making strategic decisions are likely to be prepared for future shifts in this dynamic industry.
J. Paul Dittmann, Ph.D. | University of Tennessee

Fifth in a Six-Part Series. Click here to read part one,  part two, part three and part four What does the future hold for insuring goods in transit? Below is a list of 10 megatrends for insuring goods in transit, some of which are already apparent in the marketplace today. Increased supply chain visibility More technology and carrier services […]

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Cruising at Altitude

Q&A with Richard Aboulafia of the Teal Group about how aerospace growth has hit cruise control and what's coming up next.
Richard Aboulafia | Teal Group

The aviation industry has rarely looked so good, and that has Richard Aboulafia concerned. The self-described “Cassandra” of aviation, the vice president of analysis at Teal Group warns that industry players shouldn’t anticipate another dozen years like the ones that just passed — with ever-climbing demand and record-high deliveries. “I don’t see any reason to disrupt this […]


How Big Data Can Help Migrants

Why migration data should be the basis for informed decision-making.
Marzia Rango | International Organization for Migration

The international community has been calling for an improvement to the availability and quality of migration statistics for decades. Just like in every other policy domain, data on migration is, or should be, the basis for informed decision-making. This is particularly critical in times of displacement crises, such as those currently unfolding around Europe, as […]

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The Week in Big Data

A look at how analytics can help you get ahead of what customers want.
Brian Hughes | UPS Longitudes

Numbers tell a story. They tell us where we’ve been, and more importantly, they tell us where we’re going. We’re fortunate to have more information at our fingertips than ever before, which gives us unprecedented insight into human behavior and global patterns. Here at Longitudes, we like to think of big data as a crystal […]