Cold Chain

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Donate Life

Every 10 minutes, another person joins the waiting list for an organ transplant. Here's how you can help.

Click here to learn about Sharon Cauthen’s journey as a kidney recipient. Kathy Anderson’s heart was severely damaged by medicine she was prescribed while pregnant with twin girls. The damage wasn’t evident until after her daughters were born. Within a couple of weeks, she was given only a slim chance of survival. Her doctors knew her […]

Fighting Cancer with Innovation

Innovation and the rise of patient-centric healthcare.

Printed in recognition of Colon Cancer Awareness Month Almost everyone knows someone who has battled cancer. The good news is that when detected early, many of the most common cancers are both treatable and survivable. The challenge is that in order to detect cancer early, people have to get tested, but many avoid routine screening […]

The High Stakes in “Cold Chain”

Market changes are driving pharmaceutical companies to consider new ways to mitigate risk in the cold chain.

A growing global middle class, longer supply chains, and the launch of new, innovative healthcare products are putting more complex demands on the pharmaceutical industry’s high-stakes logistics environment. Factors such as new, temperature-sensitive biologics, increasing cold-chain regulations, and growing cost pressures require pharmaceutical executives to reconsider how they prioritize “cold” supply-chain decisions. Strategies such as […]

The Logistics of Love

Don't worry, guys – Valentine’s Day puts pressure on supply chains, too.

Whether a man is calm and on top of his game, or in the grip of a last-minute panic, when he walks out of the flower shop with a fresh bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers, chances are he doesn’t give much thought to how they got there. He – and I’m being gender-specific because 75 […]

Diseases Without Borders

The world must invest now in strengthening public-health systems and establishing new and flexible means of financing.

Today’s world seems more risk-laden than ever. The increasingly visible effects of climate change, rising geopolitical tensions, state crisis and collapse, inadequate or unequal economic opportunities, and the spread of infectious diseases – to name just some of the highest-profile threats – have created an environment of great uncertainty. Will 2015 be the year when […]