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The Future of Delivery

UPS’s latest drone test shows that the gap between vision and reality is closing.

Drone delivery is one of the hottest topics – if not the most heavily discussed – in transportation and logistics circles these days. People ask me all the time how drones might change the delivery landscape and what we’re doing to leverage another disruptive technology. There’s plenty of speculation out there about a future where […]

Drone Meets Delivery Truck

This CEO is re-imagining package delivery. Learn more about his vision here.

UPS on Monday tested a residential package delivery, using a drone launched from the roof of a delivery truck. The drone and the delivery truck were made by Workhorse Group. In this test, the drone flew autonomously to a home where it delivered a package and returned to the vehicle – while the delivery driver continued […]

Facebook in Flight

Meet the solar-powered drone that will help bring the internet to people. That's a friend you'll definitely want to add.

Facebook has successfully completed a test flight of a solar-powered drone that will beam the internet from the sky. The drone, called Aquila, is a carbon fiber aircraft that weighs about a third of an electric car but has a wingspan bigger than a Boeing 737 airplane. It flies on solar power during the day […]

From Weapon of War to Beacon of Hope

Drones will soon start delivering medical supplies to unreachable areas in Rwanda. It could spark the beginning of a revolution in technology and healthcare.

The following is based on an interview with Keller Rinaudo, the CEO of Zipline, a California-based robotics company that works with governments, private companies and public-private partners to provide reliable access to medical products at the last mile. Imagine that you’re grocery shopping for your family. But you can only go to the store twice […]

Innovation Takes Flight This Week

Historically speaking, innovations haven’t been achieved single handedly. They take off when we work together.

Eureka moments are uncommon. On the few occasions they materialize, it’s often by accident, writes Derek Thompson in Forget Edison: This is How History’s Greatest Inventions Really Happened. Thompson offers several examples, like Charles Goodyear’s discovery of vulcanized rubber. Defending his experiments with rubber at Woburn’s General Store, Goodyear stumbled across the revolutionary concept when he unwittingly flicked a […]