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Light it Up!

What one entrepreneur learned when he turned the lights on for millions without electricity.

Ned Tozun is co-founder of d.light, a social enterprise that makes solar-powered products for people living without access to electricity in the developing world. In this interview, he talks about the patience required to meet the exacting demands of a market in which distribution is an even greater challenge than product design. Below is a full transcript […]

5 Powerful Ideas for Global Impact From Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs combine compassion and business acumen to scale solutions that are needed.

All of us wish to feel a sense of purpose in our careers and make a meaningful contribution to society, but it can be hard to know where to start. Social entrepreneurs offer a fascinating model. They combine compassion and business acumen to scale solutions that are needed now more than ever. More than a […]

Video: Can Big Data Help Bring Power to Everyone?

How recent innovation can make power more affordable across the globe.

“There’s no better technological innovation than the electricity grid,” says Amit Narayan, CEO of Autogrid, “It works so well we haven’t made any changes for the last few decades.” Narayan tells how big data and cloud computing can make the grid smart, and bring affordable and sustainable power to everyone. This video first appeared on the World […]

Video: The Energy-Saving Breakthrough in Mobile Technology

How one company is making the mobile communications industry more sustainable.

Running out of battery on his smartphone led Mattias Åström to think about how to develop a more efficient power amplifier for the mobile communications industry. Åström set up Eta Devices, and says the breakthrough technology his team developed is bringing energy savings to people and the planet. This video first appeared on the World Economic […]

The Solar Price Revolution

The time to invest in large-scale solar energy production is now.

A silent revolution is under way. In November, Dubai announced the construction of a solar energy park that will produce electricity for less than $0.06 per kilowatt-hour – undercutting the cost of the alternative investment option, a gas or coal-fired power plant. The plant – which is expected to be operational in 2017 – is […]