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The New Silk Road: A Multimodal Mindset

Companies need to shift their transportation mindset and embrace new options.

Historically, China’s “silk road” has been an important trade route between China and Europe and today’s “new silk road” holds similar promise. What started out as a means to improve transportation and infrastructure in inland China has evolved into one of the world’s largest trade lanes. According to the European Commission, not only is the […]

Plan Early, and then Adapt

Five key takeaways from the West Coast port challenges

Indicators of long and drawn-out West Coast port challenges began showing up in February 2014. While many in the industry focused on East Coast and Midwest delays because of a harsh 2013-2014 winter season, West Coast terminals were congested as a result of strong volumes pre-Chinese New Year 2014. Chassis shortages contributed to the two- to […]

Aerospace Logistics: The Key to Takeoff

Why supply chain management is key to commercial aerospace growth.

The commercial aerospace industry has enjoyed steady growth and impressive profits in recent years, thanks to a boom in emerging economies that will fuel global travel demand for decades to come. The key to seizing this opportunity in the long term, however, lies in effective supply chain management as aerospace companies increasingly source components from […]