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From Latin America With Love: The Valentine’s Day Challenge

There are remarkable similarities in how fresh flowers and fruit get to your doorstep.

Every February, shoppers depend on farmers in Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica for a universal token of love and affection – fresh cut flowers. These temperate countries provide a significant amount of the delicate floras that are given during the Valentine’s Day season. For everyone preparing to take their loved ones […]

TED@UPS: What If Mosquitoes Could Deliver Vaccines?

What happens when a problem becomes part of a solution?

Katie Francfort works with pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and donate products for humanitarian aid. After a recent trip to South America, Katie encountered a problem in dire need of a solution: how to supply temperature-sensitive vaccines to the world’s most remote locations.  Katie shares her story in her TED@UPS talk featured below. After you watch the video, read […]

When Urbanization Crosses to the Dark Side

Latin America's cities: unequal, dangerous and fragile. But that can change.

Latin America is one of the planet’s most urbanized regions. Three of its mega-cities are among the world’s largest – Buenos Aires, Mexico and Sao Paulo. Sprawling metropolises like Bogota, Lima and Rio de Janeiro are not far behind. These cities are complex, competitive and dynamic. Many Latin American cities also suffer from what some […]

Innovation is Not Enough

Are you a techno-optimist or a techno-pessimist?

We seem to be living in an accelerated age of revolutionary technological breakthroughs. Barely a day passes without the announcement of some major new development in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, digitization, or automation. Yet those who are supposed to know where it is all taking us can’t make up their minds. At one end of the […]

Reason, Reality and the Future of Trade

Candidates’ opposition for trade agreements overlooks their wide-ranging benefits

The following is based on a speech given by UPS Chief Executive Officer David Abney at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce’s Global Impact Awards event on April 20, 2016. Trade isn’t getting much love these days. Maybe you’ve noticed. I read the other day that trade bashing has replaced kissing babies as the most […]

6 Powerful Lessons from the Transformation of Medellin

Medellin is considered a success because stakeholders understood the value of defending its existence.

Medellin, once a city ruled by crime, drug trafficking and domestic war in the last 20 years of the past century, has made it on to the list of the top 10 urban innovations. This may sound like a news headline but it is much more than that. It is the opening statement of a […]

La Vía Rápida A La Oportunidad Económica

Para las compañías mexicanas y estadounidenses, el comercio transfronterizo puede desatar un potencial ilimitado.

A menudo, el comercio es descrito como un juego que no suma, en el que una nación sólo puede destacarse en detrimento de la otra. La evidencia más notoria de esta falacia es la floreciente relación entre los Estados Unidos y México. A modo de contexto, todos los días, EE. UU. y México intercambian 1.4 […]

Why Mexico?

If you’re looking for the next big thing, Mexico is a good place to start.

You’ve probably noticed that we’re pretty bullish on Mexico’s future. That’s why Longitudes spent the week exploring how manufacturers are flocking to Latin America  (don’t forget to check out the podcast) and why that trend will create a fast lane to economic opportunity at the U.S.-Mexico border. On a related note, we also took a look at […]

Fabricantes Estadounidenses Encuentran La Tercerización Óptima en México

El ascenso de México constituye un caso claro de estrategia de tercerización óptima para los fabricantes estadounidenses.

Hoy en día, cada vez más, las sofisticadas importaciones estadounidenses —a menudo procedentes de las industrias aeroespacial, automotriz y de alta tecnología— tienen un denominador común: se fabrican en México. Esta tendencia refleja que los fabricantes estadounidenses tienen una creciente confianza en que México ofrece mucho más que mano de obra asequible a lo largo […]

Is Mexico the New Detroit?

Why your next car is more likely to come from Latin America.

Quick, name the largest vehicle producers in the world. China, Japan, Germany, and the United States are probably among the more common answers. You might be surprised to learn that Mexico now belongs in that group. Mexico is the seventh largest car manufacturer in the world – and the second largest exporter to the United […]

A Middle-Class Wave in Mexico

This Latin American nation is poised for explosive growth in the years ahead – and it can thank a tech-savvy middle class.

In case you missed it, check out the first two articles in our Mexico series – The Fast Lane to Economic Opportunity and U.S. Manufacturers Find the Right Shore in Mexico. A country without a vibrant middle class is a country without a future. To grow this critically important demographic, any modern nation must provide its […]

The Fast Lane to Economic Opportunity

For U.S. and Mexican companies, cross-border trade can unleash unreached potential.

Trade is often portrayed as a zero-sum game in which one nation can excel only at the expense of another. Nowhere is this fallacy more evident than in the burgeoning relationship between the United States and Mexico. For context, the U.S. and Mexico exchange $1.4 billion in goods every day – that’s about $1 million […]

U.S. Manufacturers Find the Right Shore in Mexico

Mexico’s rise makes a compelling case for the right-shoring strategy for U.S. manufacturers.

Note from the Editor: We’re talking about Mexico all week here at Longitudes. We’ll take a look at the rise of the right-shoring movement, the growing importance of the U.S.-Mexico trade lane, the evolving nature of the Mexican middle class and the auto industry of tomorrow in Latin America. But really, Mexico’s ascent is a […]

Latin America’s Millennial Momentum

How millennials are driving the conversation.

Whenever I am invited to give a talk about social entrepreneurship, I begin by showing a number of slides related to social and environmental causes and asking the audience which ones they feel moved by. When the audience is packed with young entrepreneurs, university students and activists, the response tends to be an overwhelming show […]

Think Local, Shop Global

Online consumers want to shop the world. Are e-tailers ready?

Right now, consumers want to shop the world. Shoppers are purchasing in stores, on PCs and from smartphones and tablets, buying goods locally and from other continents in a few clicks. They want what they want, when they want it, whether it be a purchase from a local store in Omaha or from a boutique […]

Winners and Losers in Latin American Trade

How LatAm countries stack up in trade

Chile’s openness makes it the only Latin American nation in the global top 10 for enabling trade, according to the World Economic Forum’s Enabling Trade Report 2014. Chile boasts the lowest average import tariff in the world (3.5%) and provides the most open market. However, one challenge is transport infrastructure where the country ranks a lowly […]

Big Data, Even Bigger Solutions

How technology can help elevate the human condition.

We often hear that growth is the answer to all our problems. However, growth alone will not suffice. Resolving the current challenges society is facing is not just about economic vigor: it is about elevating the human condition. In a world increasingly driven by behavioral economics, we must leverage big data analytics for inclusive growth, […]

Flying Toward Opportunity

Emerging markets offer big rewards – and risks – for aerospace companies.

The commercial aerospace industry is getting more global each year as demand for new aircraft grows in emerging markets around the world. This heightened demand presents phenomenal opportunities as well as formidable challenges for plane-makers and their suppliers. The potential sales are obviously lucrative, considering the record backlog of aircraft orders from commercial operators. But […]

A New Dawn for Asia–Latin America Trade

Will Asian investment follow trade with Latin America?

Latin America is firmly on the economic radar of Asia in the post-global financial crisis world economy. Both Asia and Latin America have grown faster than the world economy. As Figure 1 shows, during 2009–2013, annual average growth was 4.6% in Asia, 2.4% in Latin America, and 1.9% for the world economy. Trade between the […]

The Logistics of Love

Don't worry, guys – Valentine’s Day puts pressure on supply chains, too.

Whether a man is calm and on top of his game, or in the grip of a last-minute panic, when he walks out of the flower shop with a fresh bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers, chances are he doesn’t give much thought to how they got there. He – and I’m being gender-specific because 75 […]

How to Unlock Latin America’s Potential

Growing middle class is presenting challenges.

I am looking forward to being in Peru this week to discuss economic and social developments with the government and a wide range of stakeholders—and also to follow up on the preparations for the next IMF–World Bank Annual Meetings, which will be held in Lima in October 2015. Later this week, I will participate in […]

Exporting the American Dream

A go-to guide on exporting in Latin America

While the concept of coming from humble beginnings and then achieving success has come to constitute the “American Dream,” it’s actually a goal shared by many around the world. It’s a goal for many business owners around the world – from large companies planning to embark into exporting to mom-and-pop shops looking to sell their […]

Latin America’s Challenges for 2015

Corruption, education and inequality are among the top challenges.

Corruption has long been regarded as a significant problem for Latin America – perhaps the most significant of all. As such, it’s little surprise our respondents have identified this as the biggest concern currently facing the region, followed by education and increasing inequality. But for Alicia Bárcena Ibarra, the United Nations Executive Secretary of the […]

Mexico’s Powerful Energy Reforms

How energy reforms in Mexico are creating an impact beyond the border.

Mexico is poised to become Latin America’s economic star in the coming decade.The government’s recent reform of the energy sector will contribute directly to economic performance by reducing the cost of manufacturing.In the context of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the resulting increase in manufacturing competitiveness promises to boost Mexico’s growth substantially. Until […]