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Our Top 5 Leadership Articles of 2017

A year-end look at the best leadership content from Longitudes.

Of all the trends shaping the world of tomorrow, leadership is arguably the most popular topic on Longitudes. With macro forces disrupting all industries and companies of all sizes, leadership has never been in more demand. During the past 12 months, we’ve focused on a number of questions leaders confront every day: How do you build […]

3 Ways to Build Innovation Into Your Business

Exploring the gap between aspiration and accomplishment.

Everyone can innovate. But innovative thought by itself is incomplete. Throughout my 30-year career, I have helped many businesses re-engineer their supply chains and boost their services – efforts that have certainly paid off. But when it comes to innovation, there appears to be a gap between aspiration and accomplishment. So what’s missing? While many […]

Generation Z in the Workplace: 4 Tips for Future Employers

An award-winning roboticist – and high school junior – offers advice to employers who will soon hire Gen Z workers.

Anna Nixon is seemingly tireless. She’s the co-founder of an educational nonprofit. She’s an award-winning roboticist with more than nine years’ experience. She’s an accomplished conference speaker and a teacher. And one more thing: She’s a high school junior. At 16, Nixon has received more accolades than most will in their entire professional careers. Most […]

6 Ways Companies Can be Faster, Smarter and More Adaptive

What will improve business understanding during The Emergent Era?

By the time you’ve gathered enough information to make a decision, the time to make that decision has already passed. This has been a periodic problem faced by managers for decades. And with the speed and volatility we face today, it has become our default condition. How to adapt? By taking a page from nature. […]

What Responsive Leadership Really Means

It's not just about people in power. It's about empowerment for everyone.

A few months ago, I was producing a talk radio show on one of the most popular mid-morning radio shows in Gauteng, South Africa. The first hour of the show is an open line. Listeners can reflect on some of the stories from the previous day’s headlines and share solutions to our country’s pressing challenges. An […]

How 2017 Will Challenge and Reward Retailers

Here are five steps to get ahead for the New Year.

Cooler temperatures, seasonal hiring and final preparations for the holiday shopping season are upon us.  Before we know it, the headlines and water cooler conversations will evolve from this year’s holiday sales to what the New Year will bring. The major storylines shouldn’t be too hard to predict. Online shopping projections, especially mobile, continue to […]

7 Pieces of Advice to Climb the Corporate Ladder

Getting your career off the ground doesn't take rocket science. Roger that.

The rat race. The corporate ladder. The corporate game of thrones. Whether you like it or not, chances are you’ll end up in one of those models as you progress in your career. But how do you make the best of it? Paolo Gallo, chief human resources officer at the World Economic Forum, gives his […]

Busting 5 Holiday Shopping Myths That Come Up Every Year

Don't believe everything you read this holiday season.

We are now several weeks into the holiday shopping season, one in which many fascinating storylines have emerged. During the five-day period from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, online buying from desktop computers totaled $8.41 billion, up 17 percent versus last year. Consumers have shifted their online shopping habits, and retailers have changed their marketing strategies […]

How Successful Leaders Use Humor to Their Advantage

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine at work.

Should you crack jokes in the office? According to Wharton research, a sense of humor, when deftly and appropriately used, can enhance workplace status and perception of one’s competence. That’s one of the findings of the research paper, “Risky Business: When Humor Increases and Decreases Status,” by Maurice Schweitzer, Wharton professor of operations, information and […]

The Social Media Game is Changing for Retailers and Everyone Else

Social media is changing the way companies advertise in a bid to win the internet retail game.

The raging battle for Internet supremacy — to keep eyeballs and content in one place — is changing the way social media and advertising are implemented in every industry.  And retail is no exception. Historically, the aspiration for content publishers has been to achieve a “walled garden” with a controlled environment offering a wide variety […]

Reaching New Heights With Frugal Innovation

Doing more with less can re-ignite the creative spirit at your company, give your business a competitive edge – and better the world around you.

I grew up in Southern India in a small town in a tiny house next to an urban slum. It was incredibly dry. We all had a keen sensitivity and appreciation of scarce resources. When it was time to shower, we used only one bucket of water. Many of my friends lived in abject poverty. […]

How Texas A&M Designed a Stadium for Millennials

Texas A&M’s IT network architect shares how technology enhances the Aggies fan experience at the stadium

At the library, in the dorms and anywhere on campus, Texas A&M students can post a picture to Snapchat, video chat with their significant others back home or send an email to their teacher. The campus-wide coverage and fast throughput of the school’s Aruba (a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company) wireless network made accessing the Internet […]

Keeping up with Kazakhstan

Independence, rapid growth and globalization have turned this Central Asian country into a land of innovation. What we can learn.

Kazakhstan is a sprawling, landlocked country in Central Asia.  It is the ninth largest country in the world and has significant economic power in the Commonwealth of Independent states, in no small part because of a thriving oil and gas industry. Once part of the Soviet Union, it is bordered by Russia and China, as well […]

The Business Case for Sustainability

Companies like Nespresso are using sustainability in competitive ways. Is yours?

Myth: You can’t afford to be sustainable unless you’re a big company. Fact: It’s good business to be sustainable – for companies big and small. We’ve made the case for sustainability all week here on Longitudes, sharing stories of how leaders in government and business are finding innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Now […]

The Pokémonification of Work

Pokémon Go shows us how “augmented reality” can power industry.

We all love to play. Just look at the reports on the latest Pokémon Go craze and you will see crowds of people roaming around Central Park in New York, or pacing the streets of San Francisco, hunting for silly-looking creatures. The game’s meteoric rise seems to confirm the idea that digital innovations are all […]

3D-Printed Food: Curious Cuisine or Fleeting Fad?

Technology's latest target: the human palate.

Food and technology have a long and sometimes strained relationship. On one hand, harnessing fire led to human evolution. But other technologies, from frivolous “unitasker” gadgets to overprocessed and nutritionally bereft convenience foods, have offered much less in the way of benefits. Now, a new technology is targeting the palate: 3D-printed food. If the plethora […]

Is Your Company Ready to Employ the Digital Generation?

What today's teens expect out of technology and the workforce

Today’s ambitious and digital-native teens are about to take the world by storm. But is your company ready for this generation to enter the workforce? HPE recently commissioned a survey among teens about their expectations around technology. Here, we gathered HPE execs and other technology leaders to discuss the findings. [Also on Longitudes: Technology: Disruption […]

The Smartphone Is Changing Retailing for Good

Nearly half of mobile users are using smartphones or tablets to make online purchases. Is your retail company ready for the small screen?

Pocket-sized communication devices seem to be taking over our lives — and exercising our thumbs — more than many retailers realize. “The smartphone revolution is under-hyped…more people have access to phones than access to running water,” says Marc Andreessen, entrepreneur, investor and cofounder of Netscape. In terms of time spent, mobile (i.e. smartphone and tablet) […]

Get Ahead Of Shifting Customer Loyalties

The UPS Industrial Buying Dynamics study provides new insight for reaching today’s customer.

Industrial distributors, take note: Customers have formed new allegiances. The customer loyalty of years past was built on a personal relationship, one that was mutually viewed by distributors and buyers as an ironclad agreement. The comfort of familiarity doesn’t carry the same currency anymore. Instead, customers are motivated by lower prices, how quickly a particular […]

Designing for Net Impact

How design thinking and interdisciplinary education can change the world.

A new generation of designers is emerging on college campuses around the globe. It’s not just a new wave of design; it’s also a new wave of how design is done and, ultimately, what it produces. The problem? It’s still an uphill battle to get the resources and networks needed to reach these students’ core […]

Turning Up the Volume on Over-the-Top Content

As more people cut the cord on cable, over-the-top service providers see opportunity in services like Uber.

While the number of traditional cable subscribers continues to decline, over-the-top (OTT) video services – the delivery of film and TV content without a traditional cable or satellite subscription – are headed in the opposite direction. And now, with the help of Uber, OTT is about to get even bigger. Nearly 60 percent of U.S. […]

A Future of Happiness, Tolerance and Youth

We should seek to create a society where our people’s happiness is paramount, fostering an environment in which citizens can truly flourish.

Over the past few weeks, I have heard and read many questions, comments and news stories regarding recent changes to the government of the United Arab Emirates. Why, everyone seems to want to know, did we establish a Ministry of Happiness, Tolerance and the Future, and why did we appoint a 22-year-old Minister of Youth? The […]

Is Mexico the New Detroit?

Why your next car is more likely to come from Latin America.

Quick, name the largest vehicle producers in the world. China, Japan, Germany, and the United States are probably among the more common answers. You might be surprised to learn that Mexico now belongs in that group. Mexico is the seventh largest car manufacturer in the world – and the second largest exporter to the United […]

Case Study: Save the Children

Why we can’t do it alone.

The UPS Humanitarian Solvathon (a case competition held recently at The Ohio State University in Columbus) gave Ohio State students an opportunity to partner with representatives from UPS and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to address real issues the NGOs are facing. Following whiteboarding sessions, the students presented their solutions to a panel of judges from their respective […]

The Case for Externships

By helping companies solve their real-world problems, students can prepare themselves to meet the challenges of the future.

The industries of the future will require people creative and innovative enough to work with technology, not be replaced by it. And workers will need resilience and grit, because failure, more often than not, is part of the innovation process. Unfortunately, secondary schools today are not providing a platform for imparting the skills necessary for […]

A Master Class on Thought Diversity

The people who don’t know what they don’t know can also change the world.

Our most vexing problems can leave us jaded. Whether it’s solving global hunger or getting medicine to impoverished communities, some might believe these humanitarian pursuits are more aspirational than achievable. Some 22,000 children die from poverty each day. Yet, Nelson Mandela famously insisted that these are solvable problems. “Like slavery and apartheid,” he said, “poverty […]

Sustainability Made Stronger, Pt. 2

How companies are leveraging innovative partnerships to reduce their impact on the environment.

This is the second in a two-part series. Click here to read the first.  Whether it’s carbon emissions discussed this week in Paris, or the carbon footprint that products and services leave on the environment, people are becoming increasingly interested in how to solve the challenging environmental issues our planet is facing. Millennials are often […]

A New Day for Shopping in Canada

Canadian retailers must adapt to take advantage of this moment of opportunity.

The day after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Black Friday, marks the kick-off to the busy holiday season in which U.S. shoppers race to stores in search of the perfect gift at the lowest price. And while American shoppers typically travel just a few miles down the street to snag door-busting deals, Canadian shoppers have quite […]

3 Things To Know About Tomorrow’s Business Leaders

New leaders are finding alternate forms of capital, demanding new structures and resisting arbitrary corporate norms that have existed for decades.

Today’s young business leaders are poised to outperform their more established counterparts – and that’s not just the usual energy and naivety of youth talking. Today’s young leaders are emerging at a time when forces have converged to broaden people’s expectations of business. This generation contains some of the savviest and most connected consumers in history. Many […]

7 Ways To Improve Unemployment Rates

Youth unemployment persists at unprecedented levels due to a skills gap.

Last month, the international community marked the first World Youth Skills Day on July 15, and this month we again celebrate International Youth Day on August 12. In shining a light on today’s largest generation in human history, these days also spark discussion and debate amidst a global crisis leaving millions of youth jobless and […]