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Podcast: What’s Next for Green Energy?

Here’s why diversity is the best path forward for alternative fuels.

Click here to play podcast Today’s infrastructure, with its aging roads, bridges and ports, is arguably the largest hurdle for alternative fuels and the energy sources of tomorrow. Efficiency, technology and scale are also major barriers to the wider adoption of green energy. So what is the path forward? And how do we take an […]

Podcast: Building the Blockchain Ecosystem

Blockchain could be bigger than the internet and revolutionize our financial system, Barry Silbert argues.

Click to play podcast. Barry Silbert has a simple goal: to build a better financial system. He says he’s found a way to do just that. Silbert, the founder of Digital Currency Group, a strategic investment company that helps entrepreneurs, financial institutions and technology investors, believes that blockchain will help build that better system. Blockchain is […]

Podcast: The Power of Simplicity

Less cost, fewer resources, more impact. Consumers want frugal solutions. Does business?

Click to play podcast. Every year, millions of babies are born premature around the world. Thousands perish because they lack access to something as basic as an incubator. With the average incubator costing $20,000, this life-saving device is beyond the reach of remote areas in developing countries. That’s the kind of problem TED speaker and author […]

Podcast: The Power of One

Best-selling author Marshall Goldsmith on transforming leaders, one habit at a time.

In his latest of 35 books, executive coach Marshall Goldsmith talks about the things that keep us from being the best we can be. Triggers discusses how to identify the stimuli that impact our behavior and learn how to avoid being controlled by them. In this podcast, Longitudes editor James Rowe talks with Goldsmith one […]

PODCAST: Jeremy Rifkin on Green Disruption

Part two of a set.

  In part one of our chat with bestselling author Jeremy Rifkin, we learned about the next industrial revolution (spoiler alert: it’s almost here). But what exactly will it mean for our economic future, and how are some of the world’s leading businesses planning for this new day? Rifkin elaborates in part two of our […]

PODCAST: Jeremy Rifkin on the Next Industrial Revolution

Part one of a set.

  You probably know a little bit about the Industrial Revolution or even the Second Industrial Revolution. But what if I told you we’re now on the cusp of another industrial revolution, a Third Industrial Revolution, to be exact? This era will usher in a fundamental reordering of human relationships, changing the way we conduct […]

U.S. Manufacturers Find the Right Shore in Mexico

Mexico’s rise makes a compelling case for the right-shoring strategy for U.S. manufacturers.

Note from the Editor: We’re talking about Mexico all week here at Longitudes. We’ll take a look at the rise of the right-shoring movement, the growing importance of the U.S.-Mexico trade lane, the evolving nature of the Mexican middle class and the auto industry of tomorrow in Latin America. But really, Mexico’s ascent is a […]

From Scrapper to Success

Regina Hartley discusses the idea behind her TED@UPS talk in a Q&A with Teri McClure.

On Tuesday Nov. 24, 2015, Regina Hartley’s TED@UPS talk was featured as the Talk of the Day on TED.com. In honor of this, Teri McClure, Chief Legal Officer and Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Employee Communications and Labor Relations, sat down with Regina a few days beforehand to dig a little deeper into what it really […]