Product Life Cycle

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Bridging the Gap Between Design and Recyclability

How companies can learn to design with intent.

Over the last few years, sustainability efforts in product and packaging design have led to some significant reductions in the environmental footprint of consumer goods. Using strategies like light-weighting, we’re seeing products with smaller environmental impacts designed to be less resource intensive. As members of the sustainability community, we see this as a very good thing. […]

Aerospace Logistics: The Key to Takeoff

Why supply chain management is key to commercial aerospace growth.

The commercial aerospace industry has enjoyed steady growth and impressive profits in recent years, thanks to a boom in emerging economies that will fuel global travel demand for decades to come. The key to seizing this opportunity in the long term, however, lies in effective supply chain management as aerospace companies increasingly source components from […]

Waste Not, Want Not

Sustainability in the supply chain pays off.

Now, more than ever, sustainable business practices underpin the efforts of global high-tech and electronics companies interested in bolstering their bottom lines and preparing for the future. Indeed, one of the most important sustainability questions facing the high-tech industry today relates to product lifecycles and end-of-life product retirement. Often, traditional product lifecycle plans follow a […]

Cyclical Innovation

High-tech challenges in the product lifecycle.

The electronics industry often puts a lot of of emphasis on designing and launching products into the marketplace. However, by enhancing capabilities at every stage of product lifecycle management (PLC), organizations can go a long way to maximizing customer service. In the high-tech industry, product lifecycle management is especially critical due to the fast-paced nature […]