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The IIoT is Where it’s Really At

While consumers may take time to embrace Internet of Things, industry isn't waiting.

Billionaire publisher Malcolm Forbes coined the saying, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” And upon his death, Forbes certainly had a lot of toys. But in 2016, not all consumers agree with that sentiment when it comes to Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Product manufacturers may be banking on consumers trampling over each […]

Robot Knows Best

By linking emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, we can build more human-like digital assistants.

One of the advantages that CEOs and celebrities have over most people is that they don’t need to spend much time handling the uninteresting, time-consuming aspects of daily life like scheduling appointments, making travel plans or searching for the information they want. They have PAs, personal assistants, who handle such things. But soon—maybe even this […]

Part Animal, Part Machine

Scientists are now building robots powered by living muscle tissue or cells.

Think of a traditional robot and you probably imagine something made from metal and plastic. Such “nuts-and-bolts” robots are made of hard materials. As robots take on more roles beyond the lab, such rigid systems can present safety risks to the people they interact with. For example, if an industrial robot swings into a person, […]

How Wearable Robotics Incorporate Brains and Brawn

Will man and machine ever become one? After almost fifty years, wearable robotics may finally be within our reach.

Decades before driver-less car researchers struggled to create an effective human-machine interface, GE was wrestling with its own, lower-tech version of how to meld steel and flesh.  It was called the Hardiman. Hardiman started in 1965 as a joint Army-Navy project to build a powered exoskeleton that could “amplify” human strength by a factor of […]

Cleaning Floors and Saving Lives, One Robot at a Time

A drone designer and technological transformer on taking risks in robotics.

When I was little, I was enamored with the idea of being a pioneer; I was drawn to the thought that I could be the first to do something  —  be a trailblazer, the forerunner of a movement. For a while, I wanted to be Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie and live […]