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Cheers to the Little Guy: Small Businesses Go Global

These businesses have discovered a magic formula that is helping them grow.

You could say that Cynthia Salim’s small business sprung from a “clothes call”. Five years ago Salim was working for an NGO doing policy advocacy at the United Nations. Attending meetings and business formal events with diplomats was a routine part of her job, and that meant having to dress the part. There was just […]

Necessity is the Mother of Innovation

How a 15-year-old is changing the way we communicate.

As technology advances and enters every nuance of our daily lives, we have to wonder: What are the tradeoffs? We’ve seen significant innovations in communication, education, transportation, medicine and global connectivity. But at the same time, technology has also distanced us from each other. How often do we actually have face-to-face conversations these days? Let […]