Supply Chain Risk Series

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Mitigating Risk with Insurance

Taking advantage of the tools that ensure continuity and resilience for the long term.

Last of a five-part series During the past few weeks, I’ve shared some insights from my recent research at the University of Tennessee on common risk management practices to identify, prioritize and mitigate supply chain risk. Among the research findings, it was surprising to learn that insurance is simply not on the radar screen of […]

Risk Mitigation in the Supply Chain

How much risk does your supply chain face and what should you do about it?

Fourth in a Five-Part Series To manage supply chain risk in your company, you will have to develop a process to do three things: Identify, prioritize and mitigate risk. I’ve discussed the first two steps in this process previously on this blog, and today I’d like to focus on the last and most critical part […]

Hidden Risks in Your Supply Chain

Mitigating and prioritizing risk in order to achieve success.

Third in a Five-Part Series Previously on the UPS blog, I’ve discussed the current state of risk and recent supply chain risk research conducted by my team and me at the University of Tennessee. In my last post, I also discussed the first step of supply chain risk management – identifying the risks. This time, […]

An Up-to-Date Twist on Supply Chain Risk: The Survey Says….

Documenting risk-management processes and preparing for facility or supplier losses.

Second in a Five-Part Series Given the popularity of supply chain risk as a topic at conferences, one could reasonably ask, “Is there anything new to say on the topic?” I think so. Fortunately, the thinking on this subject has become increasingly sophisticated, driven by the continuing complexities of the global environment. In my last […]

Managing Risk in the Global Supply Chain

Risk is a fact of life for any supply chain professional; learn how to manage it effectively.

First in a Five-Part Series Over the last decade, many companies faced supply chain challenges that have stretched their capabilities to the breaking point. Both the preponderance of natural disasters and huge economic swings caused extreme challenges across the supply chain. These challenges have not diminished. Supply chains, which once functioned almost on autopilot, face […]