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The Urgency of Trade and TPP

In a world that is being rewired and transformed, policy must keep pace, starting with approval of the largest and most far-reaching free-trade agreement in history.

The following is based on a speech given by Mark Wallace, UPS senior vice president of global engineering and sustainability, at the Global Supply Chain Summit in Washington, DC. The world is well along with what history will show as a great rewiring. This rewiring is massively and permanently changing global interconnections that have structured […]

Workers Unite for TPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership could have a positive impact on income inequality.

Median household income in the United States has stagnated for decades and one way to boost that income could be to reap more gains from trade. Trade supports higher-paying jobs, increases the innovation and productivity growth that are necessary to support sustained increases in living standards and also expands the purchasing power of consumers. The […]

Reason, Reality and the Future of Trade

Candidates’ opposition for trade agreements overlooks their wide-ranging benefits

The following is based on a speech given by UPS Chief Executive Officer David Abney at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce’s Global Impact Awards event on April 20, 2016. Trade isn’t getting much love these days. Maybe you’ve noticed. I read the other day that trade bashing has replaced kissing babies as the most […]