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Holiday Returns Are Peaking, Too

Retailers don’t have to scale these growing returns peaks alone.

While most of us are busy taking down the Christmas decorations, many others will be returning those wrong-sized or otherwise unwanted gifts. That’s why UPS expects to return more than a million packages to retailers on January 6, 2016. Accordingly, UPS has designated this “National Returns Day,” the year’s busiest day for returns. By the […]

Finding a Silver Lining in Online Returns

Whether retailers are gearing up for the upcoming holiday season, or doing business as usual, a well-planned returns strategy pays off.

Here’s something flying beneath the radar of the much-publicized growth in e-commerce: Return rates are three times higher for online purchases. And apparel is returned more than 30 percent of the time. The dollars involved are staggering: Of $3.2 trillion in total retail sales for 2014, returns were valued at $284 billion – that’s almost […]

A Power Shift in Retail

Online shopping is making the customer king, especially in Europe.

From the Editor: Just this weekend, I saw my first 2015 holiday commercial! With advertising launching this early, it shows how competitive the season’s become for retailers. Data’s the game changer. Using the latest survey results, several of our blogs this week examine the 2015 consumer: What’s impacting their decisions? What creates customer satisfaction? That and more, this week on Longitudes. — James Rowe. It’s simple: […]

5 Ways to Battle Retail Goliaths

Ahead of the retail season, here’s how to fight above your weight class.

All the media attention paid to Amazon, Walmart and other retail giants might make smaller retailers think they don’t stand much of a chance online. That may be part of the reason why roughly only 40 percent of all U.S. retailers report having websites, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. While it’s true that the […]

Turning Browsers to Buyers

Using the power of "free" to drive online sales and build loyalty.

In his book Predictably Irrational, behavioral economist Dan Ariely devotes an entire chapter to the subject of “free,” titled: “The cost of zero cost: Why we often pay too much when we pay nothing.” He makes the point that consumers are often irrational about making decisions when they see the word “free.” “Free gives us […]