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3 Golden Rules of Retail

Retailers focused on customer needs win in the long run.

Failing fast, deploying minimum viable products and pivoting when necessary are what most entrepreneurs consider standard protocol these days. Much of this lean startup methodology has crept its way into the corporate world.  We see the effects of this mindset in companies’ logistics strategies across multiple industries, with many e-commerce giants racing to provide more […]

When the Next Threat to Your Business Might Not Exist Yet

How do you measure innovative thought in this disruptive era? It’s about more than execution. You must always be mindful of what could be.

In these ever-changing times, innovation may be what’s changing most of all. Businesses once took their innovation cues from their customers’ needs and their competitors’ actions. Though important, those tactics are just one part of unlocking the innovative spirit in today’s marketplace. Competition is coming from all corners of the globe – and it’s not […]

Delivery on Demand

Convenience and control: shoppers want it all

For a growing number of consumers, delivery has become the first – not last – concern as they make their online shopping decisions. New research from UPS and comScore reveals that delivery options are increasingly important in creating satisfied online shoppers and are even driving purchasing decisions. Today, winning in retail is about providing convenience […]

Partnering to Help Refugees

How the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is providing innovative solutions for people in need.

As crises around the world become increasingly large and complex, relief agencies must respond with efficient and innovative solutions. An agency that aids refugees who have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict must be highly coordinated and ready to provide supplies and relief to those who need it most, often in locations […]

Truckers and Algorithms

Transportation optimization starts with math, but ends in understanding human behavior.

Nautilus magazine When Bob Santilli, a senior project manager at UPS, was invited in 2009 to his daughter’s fifth grade class on Career Day, he struggled with how to describe exactly what he did for a living. Eventually, he decided he would show the class a travel optimization problem of the kind he worked on, […]