TED@UPS: I am the Donation

The best donation we can make is often ourselves.


When Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, approached my employer to ask for support, it probably expected help in one of two forms: either direct funding in the form of a check or a donation of goods or services.

My company took a different path – something unusual in the world of global corporate philanthropy – it donated me.

Gavi’s mission is to increase access to childhood immunization in poor countries.  Since 2000, working in 73 countries, it has made available more than 500 million vaccinations.  By 2020, Gavi’s goal is that more than 50 percent of the world’s children will be fully vaccinated.

To help reach this goal, Gavi is rolling out a supply chain initiative over the next five years, and that’s where I came in. Gavi needed help designing solutions and doing the work. As a longtime employee of one of the world’s largest logistics companies, I had what they needed.

So, a year ago, I went to Geneva as a loaned executive to share my experience and skills. 

In my TED Talk, I’ll share what I learned through this experience and explain why the best donation we can make is often ourselves. goldbrown2

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Kevin Etter is a Loaned Executive at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. He spent 32 years in positions at UPS that range from healthcare strategy to industrial engineering.

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